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  1. Dayum! Man, wish they'd put that in color.
  2. Awesome job Charlie's Alter Ego! Couldn't find that one all day after seeing a snippet in this AM.
  3. Outstanding CandyArrow!!! Omigosh the photo and video outtakes of this woman that must exist out there from all the photogs......
  4. Dudes, she's now taken. Good for her but =( Lucky Jay.
  5. Awesome job Stromboli1! How do you capture those secondary and beyond IG photos that are in 1 post (like the ones you have to push the dots on the bottom to see)?
  6. Dudes, please chill. It's her life, she can do whatever the heck she wants. Who is anybody to judge, since nobody but her really knows her true intentions in doing all this? Van or no van, I know I'm still gonna follow along with her story. I mean, let's just appreciate the fact that an absolute hottie like her is posting cool stuff for us pretty regularly - that's pretty dope if you ask me. Anyway, peace y'all.
  7. Can't believe Olivia didn't win. Haley maybe (big maybe but even then probably not), but Camille over Olivia? No way in hell she should've made it!
  8. Heads up guys, there is a behind the scenes 3-episode special on Amazon Channels - Sports Illustrated Channel, called SI Swim Search 2018. With Amazon Prime you can get a free 7 day trial and view the vids. But, they are hella hard to capture those vids - some nice albeit short clips of Olivia. Too many freaking video protections. Hopefully, somebody can figure it out and post?
  9. Yes! More of Olivia please - hottest Miss USA ever! 1000x thanks to you guys who've contributed.
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