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    The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Hi hi, I'm new here. Been reading this thread for months and finally made an account. I wasn't excited for this year's show, ever since I realized that my fave Candice wouldn't be walking this year and I'm still not looking forward to the airing. But nonetheless, here are my thoughts on what we've seen so far: THE ROAD AHEAD Another theme that had potential but was ruined by excessive accessories and color/pattern clashing. Looks way too similar to 2014's Exotic Traveler. So happy that Elsa got to open. She deserved it. But that dragon completely ruined it for me. Not that her outfit was that nice to start with but it took away from letting her herself shine. She has an amazing body (which was covered by the dragon), gorgeous face, and a wonderful runway presence that was taken away by the bizarreness of the dragon. Some of the outfits were decent: Taylor (if there weren't so many colors), Maria (Her outfit kind of has a lot going on. The wings were not necessary. They look too much like her wings in Fireworks last year, and a lot the other wings in that segment), Lais (if the lingerie was red, and without the dress/cape which has too many different patterns and textures), Kendall (wings were not that bad and the rest of the outfit is pretty nice), Devon (WITHOUT the wings, like Maria, they were an unnecessary addition to the outfit, Barbara (one of the only normal-looking pieces in that segment), and Ale (probably my favorite outfit of the segment). Worst outfits: Elsa as mentioned, Adriana (literally wtf was she wearing. Nothing matches. The boots don't go with the outfit and the color of the boots makes it so much worse), Liu (too much going on, would have been better if there weren't so many colors. Should have stuck with just red and yellow for the entire outfit), Ming (that shade of blue does not go with that shade of red; her wings looked like they belonged in MR), Daniela (would have been fine without the pants or if the pants matched the jacket, what's up with that salmon-colored ribbon??? and those boots looked like they were borrowed from last year's Boho segment), Martha (TOO MANY PATTERNS, one of the worst looks of the show.) Not bad or good: Cindy, Joan (looks similar to her outfit in last year's Boho), Jasmine (if colors matched better then it would have been decent), Gigi (her and Joan's outfits look really similar) MOUNTAIN ROMANCE I was looking forward to this segment. An idea that we haven't seen done (though, similar to Highland Romance in 2006). It had a lot of potential for beautiful outfits with intricate designs but that wasn't achieved with a lot of them. However I will say that I liked a lot of the wings. Gaga's live vocals are not that great live. Hopefully that is fixed during editing. Her pose and stare at Jo at 2:00 of the video that was posted has me DYING. It's like she was caught doing something weird and doesn't know how to explain herself. Jo's opening was underwhelming. I'm happy she got to open but, like many have said, she blew too many kisses. Very glad her killer body was on display. They started having models walk too late in the song and that resulted in the models walking literally right after one another. It looked rush and some of the girls were nearly running into each other at the end of the runway. Whoever was in charge of timing did a poor job. Best outfits: Lily (had she worn the skirt it would have been a good look; but her body looked great), Ming, Kelly (if only the boots weren't thigh-high; love the rest of the outfit, especially the wings), Stella (her pose at the end of the runway looked shaky, probably because she was interacting too much with Gaga that she lost focus), Flavia (if the lingerie was the same shade of purple as that on the dress it would have been beautiful), Keke (I don't like her for VS but her outfit is decent; also, those thigh-high boots don't match the outfit) and Romee (those wings weren't necessary and dear god that boob job is horrendous...) Worst outfits: Jo (Very glad her killer body was on display. But there was so much wrong with her outfit: Nothing matched. At all. Wings were nice but they didn't go with the top or the color of the lingerie. And those boots?! How are those even remotely related to the theme? They look futuristic and, like someone pointed out, look like they belong in 2010's Super Angels), Iza (the outfit looked like it was missing something. There wasn't enough of the theme in the outfit. Same comment about the boots...) Not bad or good: Sanne (the blue on the boots do not go well with the rest of the outfit which is RED), Megan (the outfit is kind of boring which sucks because she is stunning); Leomie (skirt looked better on Lily's outfit; color of lingerie didn't match), Lily (the outfit is unflattering for her body type), and Sara (nothing matched, love her wings though). PINK Haven't seen much of Bruno's performance to form a judgment. Grace's opening! Like everyone else, expected Rachel. Grace looks wonderful and would be a great addition to the Angels in the next few years. Best outfits: Grace (on the fence about those wings... they were a cool idea, but they look a little too bulky in terms of design); Lais (I wouldn't have put her in PINK though. She looks too mature and, based off her catalog work with VS, would have looked better in the other segments), Camille, Zuri (the wings were unnecessary, but her body looks good), Luma (she's gorgeous omg) The rest of the outfits are all meh and gives me 2014 PINK vibes. Other than the girls listed above, no one else stands out. But nice to see the cohesiveness of all pink outfits (the only exception was Maggie Lane's lavender lingerie). SECRET ANGEL Haven't seen much of the Weeknd's performance either to form a judgment. The theme was a cool idea. Liked certain elements of the outfits: the coats and boots. But I wish both of them didn't look so plastic-y. Adriana's opening: she looks hot and seductive as always. But her pose at the end was a little off and slightly too long. Best outfits: Bella (but I don't see any connection to spies, being undercover, etc... could be the they needed to throw together some extra outfits) Jourdana (surprised she wasn't in PINK), Cindy, Irina (so hot!), Liu, Georgia (same deal with Bella), Sara Worst outfits: Adriana (seriously what was that thing around her waist; lingerie should have been either red or blue. PICK ONE.) Not bad or good: Valery, Ming (should not have been thigh-high boots, especially if you can see through the material), Sanne, Elsa (I don't understand why they covered her glorious body; shouldn't have worn thigh-high boots either), Leomie DARK ANGEL Haven't seen enough of Gaga's performance. Just like popular opinion, probably the best segment this year. From the video, Taylor's opening looks solid but I'll need to see more. All the outfits are pretty nice (*Did they run out of black lingerie for Kate's outfit? lmao) Best outfits: Taylor (I didn't like the concept of her wings. Didn't need them), Kendall (but without the tiny fluffy wings. She always gets to wear decent outfits lol but she does look good so I'm not that mad), Martha (didn't like her wings or the corset but I like the intricacy of the rest of the top), Alessandra (Not sure how I feel about the boots but they make her legs look nice; but the rest of the outfit is really nice) BRIGHT NIGHT ANGEL Bruno's performance looks good so far. Liked the concept of this segment and the majority of the outfits were nice. But the shoes were all over the place. PICK ONE STYLE AND STICK WITH IT. Stella's opening: haven't seen anything yet. But Jasmine should opened or closed. Can't believe they pulled an Alessandra on her and didn't let her have either of the main roles in the segment where she wears the FB. They let Lily open hers last year but didn't do that for Jas? Where is the logic. Best outfits: Georgia (simple and elegant. I miss outfits like this.), Jas (she looked kind of bored, but she looked great), Kelly, and Lily (which looks really similar to Georgia's in SA) Outfits that aren't horrible but could have been designed/styled better: Stella (can they not stop doing nude-colored bodysuits for one year), Bella, Irina, Jo (didn't like the thigh-highness of the boots; silver heels would have been fine) Okay outfits: Maria, Lily, Romee Outfits that I don't understand: Jourdana (she looks like she was going to a club and then randomly found herself walking lingerie show like wth? where is the lingerie aspect of this outfit) SUMMARY: A lot of outfits were poorly thought-out & styled. Angels should be wearing 3 outfits each but I guess the large number of them makes it hard to achieve that. Hopefully some are let go after this year. Hair and makeup was okay. Nothing spectacular this year. Only a little better than last year. They really didn't need to go to Paris.