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  1. Harper's Bazaar Italia 08 1992 My scans
  2. @Rocket Queen I am building a new one ðŸĪŠ You saw my old one but I went out of control through this pandemic time and have added around 60 models. When it is somewhat ready, I will send you a link. 💗
  3. Nope, my trader sent just these 2 pages as Heather had no more images in the ed 😄
  4. Thanx @fumi ðŸĪ— I am not that anal abut my scans, I collect loads of models so I basically just want to get them all up to my site. 😁
  5. Elle Germany 10 1990 My scans
  6. Elle Germany 10 1990 My scans
  7. Elle Germany 06 1992 My scans
  8. Elle Germany 06 1990 My scans
  9. Hey @fumi it actually is a spring issue, appearently it was a quarterly mag when it came out.
  10. Elle Sweden spring 1988 ( Swedish Elle's premiere issue) My scans
  11. Harper's Bazaar Germany 10 1991 My scans
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