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  1. Long overdue update. Julian Chang.
  2. Wow, thank you so much. I be sure to check those out. Any chance you got any good links for editioral photo sites / banks as well?
  3. Thank you. Any other tips on image banks or databases? :(
  4. Hi fellow bellazon members! I have a question regarding searching and finding model content and photoshots and/or fashionshows. What are your best sites? or image banks? or how do you usually find content. (beside Bellazon that is) :D Especially for older stuff.. like 10-15 year old. I usually use the larger news agencies (www.anpfoto.nl, epa.eu, afpforum.com etc) but there's a lot of limitations.. Any tips? Have a great day!
  5. Any new updates on the amazing Liza ?
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