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  1. Some fans are so talented tho!! I'm pretty sure that Ed or someone in the team has seen at least one or two of the great sketches that are going around IG. It's imposible to think that they haven't (bc they are literally all over all VS related tags) so I wonder if they just look at them and decide to ignore such works of art.
  2. Those Daily Summer pictures are stunning!!
  3. There's a campaign for PINK that she did back in those days called "Black & White" (actually is one of my favorite commercials from pink) here it is but I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQupAlYUtzU&ab_channel=PINK
  4. Probably my favorite comment ever. You just make me laugh a lot, haha.
  5. Is Lo working with L'Oreal? I have that doubt since Cannes but I didn't knew she had her own thread until today.
  6. It's not new, it's from February (I think). For her Madam Figaro editorial.
  7. OUT AND ABOUT IN NYC WITH ROMEE. ? I'm living for how those glasses look on her, and same for that outfit.
  8. Anyone know if she was shooting with Candice today? I noticed that both posted that they were shooting VS at the same time and with the same outfits and make up. I swear that would be actual heaven.
  9. Actually all the models that were involved in the Fyre fiasco add the #ad thing to their publicity posts now, lol. I think they all learned a lesson there.
  10. I thought that I was the only one to see those pimples/bumps. A wart maybe. ++ I think that when you are too much on the beach, in the sand, the water, the rocks and all that the bruises in the legs are like... inevitable.
  11. This is from the Harry Winston's IG. She should wear golden more often because it looks perfect on her. (The lip thing it's still annoying me a little bit tho).
  12. I'm not a fan of the way that Vincent does her lips. It looks like too much overdraw in my opinion but the rest of the look was perfect. I read on instagram that her shoes looked like that because she was wearing some thing bc of her broken foot. Idk if that is true or not.
  13. Did anyone else hate that Cannes look or it's just me? She was looking flawless with the hair in the makeup picture I dont know why they changed it.
  14. Her Cannes makeup is slaying.
  15. I honestly prefer Russel over David a million times just because he doesn't use that horrible vintage filter IN EVERY PICTURE. Bellemere's pictures are great but that filters ruin everything.
  16. Elsa and Michael Mente (Revolve's CEO) at the REVOLVE Festival Party.
  17. Leaving the Ermanno Scervino show by Giovanni Mocchetti. .
  18. I thought it was a video, but thank you anyways. ?
  19. Does anyone have the video/promo that came in the mail with Elsa and the reindeer ears?
  20. I honestly liked her outfits, I mean she can literally rock everything they put on her. And I admit, the dragon was kinda original a little bit ugly but original anyway. I was thinking that maybe they will add something with computer in the tv version, like that time that they have like an angel flying and then Adriana appear, a chinesse dragon show maybe... *dreaming*
  21. The picture is basically perfect, but I kind of don't like the colors, so I have edited them a little bit and add some quality so I thought you maybe want to have it like this.
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