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  1. Probably wings. I don't know, they seem to be in love with Blanca atm, she's definitely getting special treatment this year and I love that, she is a babe and she deserve it. +Elsa had more fittings today, it's her 3rd day, I really hope she gets something big this year too. Last year she slay the opening (the store full version w/o taylor and gigi was amazing).
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that the outfits that are in the back of the press room always look better than most of the show ones? I would die of joy if someday they decide to only use actual white fluffy wings and lingerie.
  3. I would totally love Miley, her new music it's perfect for the show and she wouldn't try to outshine the models like Taylor or Gaga but I don't know, She's Stella's ex and I know we will be watching Kristen in the public this year so maybe they don't book her for that reason.
  4. The first one is Elsa. I was starting to wonder when will they start to make a promo of the girls relationships, mostly Romee and Jo that are the most popular ones. It looks like they finally did. I like Elsa and Tom's relationship I find them very cute too. Not so sure about Jasmine and her boyfriend.
  5. Elsa talking about Tom is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. They are really a precious couple. Dowload link: https://instagram.fcen1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t50.2886-16/21127868_113074292707138_7918995000250073088_n.mp4
  6. This. We can say anything about 2015 but the intro was kinda cool with some TV serie vibes, I like it even tho I like more the old ones when they have this 'segurity checking' voice, they were so dramatic. But I don't think they can go back to that because now they have like a thousand angels and I'll take the whole hour.
  7. I still think that Elsa might be the one wearing the FB because I saw her doing a very "secret" shoot and very elegant like 2 months ago and never saw another girls doing something like that. I used to believe it was part of the holiday commercial but it's not (She was wearing a tulle skirt and big curly hair) and I still don't know what was that for. But it's probable that was another thing and they give it to Stella. *The photographer deleted the picture like 2 hours later.
  8. I don't see them cutting Martha, tbh. They've been giving her a lot of attention lately. For me it's more probable that they drop Elsa and Lais way before Martha, specially Elsa, they don't seem to be so over her like before and she's not so... Extra, like the rest of them in terms of "street style", being active on social media and hanging out with famous people, all things that they really like in their girls. I love Elsa, she's my favorite Angel and it will be a big loss, but that's just my opinion.
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