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  1. So... I guess we can safely assume that she's finally moving to New York.
  2. She was signed with Wilhelmina but she isn't on their site anymore and neither is she appearing on the site of Next maybe she went to New York to sign with them, if she did was definitely an improvement.
  3. Amen to that.
  4. Everybody has to start somewhere
  5. This would be amazing if it really happens. But I didn't know they did casts for Victoria's Secrets in Europe.
  6. Maybe, i got those measurements from their agencies.
  7. Lorena is 5'11 (1,80) while the other is 5'7 (1,70), Lorena has a normal height for models, is Joanna who is short.
  8. She's doing Nelly now.
  9. Sadly no, she did posted something about it, but I can't remember what, it was one of those posts that she deletes after 10 minutes.