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  1. She's from the 2017 instagram page
  2. purplebox

    Baskin Champion

    there are new pics of her on hollister
  3. purplebox

    Elizabeth Turner

    did something happen to her instagram account :(
  4. purplebox

    Elizabeth Turner

    She is super beautiful! Does anyone know her bust size :P
  5. purplebox

    Miranda Kerr

    :love: Thank you so much for posting this website. Ever since the mirandakerrfan.net shut down I have been hopelessly trying to find an alternative. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
  6. purplebox

    Model Casting ID

  7. purplebox

    Model Casting ID

    It does look like her but I can't tell. I am terrible at recognizing faces through videos.
  8. purplebox

    Model Casting ID

    HQ youtube link is below https://youtu.be/7Und0l00RYE No information is provided. The title of the video is called "casting of new fashion models 2016A" and the youtube account name is called "24 Horas Despierto"
  9. purplebox

    ID Please: Michael Stars Amazon Dress Model

    Wow, nice job and thanks for the ID! I think that might be her. BTW, who is the model in your profile picture?
  10. purplebox

    ID Please: Michael Stars Amazon Dress Model

    bump, I am still looking!
  11. purplebox

    ID Please: Michael Stars Amazon Dress Model

    Two more photos, hopefully this might help.
  12. The first pic is from "Michael Stars Women's Wrap Front Halter Drs" The second pic is from "Michael Stars Women's Tank Mini Dress" She has also modeled for Joie, Karen Kane, BCBGeneration, and Bailey 44. Please ID her!