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  1. Bella Hadid

    She's one of their ambassadors and is in the new Nike Cortez campaign.
  2. Bella Hadid

    Potentially? But he's been getting these same rumours/reports for him violating permit laws and noise complaints for this mansion he's building for years and years now but nothing ever happens at the end of the day. And I love the Hadids and all but he's kind of rich and old enough to the point that he wont face actual jail time for this- it's just the smallest possibility of it gives excuse for media to stick it in a headline. Especially now that Gigi and Bella are so big it makes a bigger splash. Like no one's really gonna put a 70 year old multi-millionaire in jail; he'll probably just have to pay a huge fine and agree to end construction.
  3. Bella Hadid

    She was leaving the Alexander Wang flagship in these candids. I wonder if he's dressing her for the MET Gala?
  4. Bella Hadid

    She's the ambassador of Dior Beauty and Bulgari accesories and then ambassador and face of Tag Heuer. For campaigns this season, she's in DKNY, Moschino, Fendi, Zadig & Voltaire, Tag Heuer, Bulgari (print and TV commercial- not yet released), Nike x RT, Ochirly, Boghossian Jewels, and Raven and Sparrow Lingerie (which are photos from 2014 just now coming out!).
  5. Bella Hadid

    They are above and beyond, so annoying sometimes. I literally see them say the most nasty stuff like wanting him to beat her or smthing, it's gross. Their teams not confirming it though would make sense if they gave People the story because they wouldn't want to be caught lying because then they wouldn't be credible anymore, so they give the info but deny comment. (Plus they release the article before Bellas pr people even 'responded'. Yeah, I love Bella to deeeeath and think she'll do a decent job at the show, but VS clearly hired her for PR/promo reasons. They've been showing her off on social media since it started plus they're giving her two looks and a set of wings on her first walk? Them pushing a 'break up' between Bella and a headlining artist would definitely be in their interest. Plus like three days before People released the 'break up' info, they had an exclusive interview with Bella about VSFS at her fitting. Idk, her mom still follows an AbelxBella fan account on instagram and they're liking each others selfies seems fake to me. And I agree 100% on your street style thing. I think it depends on how much she vs. her stylist does and then they change up her look depending on the city. Like her LA looks always have the more Kardashian vibe, NYC is more chic and edgy, London is more punk, ect... When she dresses without a stylists it's either super plain or she looks like a 7th grade scene/emo kid... I like that she experiments though.
  6. Bella Hadid

    I don't think their split thing is real, I think it's actually promo/PR for VSFS. She was wearing a Cartier bracelet that he gave her at the game with Kendall and her mom still follows a "AbelxBella" fanblog on instagram. They get break up rumours all the time and it's always "it's scheduling issues" but it's never true, their reps still haven't commented on it. Idk, all this comes from People and they were wrong about Gigi and Zayn breaking up over summer and they dont have any real source. It's most likely VS promo since they're both gonna be there, they'll probably go on a (paparazzi stalked) date the day before the show and then every one will anticipate him preforming while she walks- calling it right here.
  7. Bella Hadid

    Shes going to be walking the Bright Night and Dark Angels segments at VSFS, the look above is BN and those feather dusters on her shoulders are her wings. Apparently there's 45 pairs of wings this year so it's not crazy she got them imo since publicity is a big reason she's there but it's only making me more nervous for the show, idk how good she'll be? The snap above is part of a three day (so far!) shoot in Rome. The makeup artist is Tom Pecheux, he works A LOT with Chanel and Harper's Bazaar US, he did both Kendall and Gigi's covers this year (which Karl shot both of!) with them so maybe she's having a HB cover next year? I don't think Karl would have her in a Fendi and Chanel campaign in the same season. And on her instagram story last night she randomly posted two photos of Kate Moss from her HB cover story in 1994 so I think that was a subtle hint that that's what she's doing.
  8. Bella Hadid

    Bella Hadid for Calvin Klein Underwear F/W 2016
  9. Bella Hadid

    "Intimate Moments with Bella Hadid” shot by Alana O’Herlihy for V Magazine (Online) "Bella has been a dear friend of mine for about six years now. We went to two different high schools together, and did a lot of growing up with each other. Sometimes after classes, we would drive in my car and find random spots around our town where we would just sit and talk and occasionally smoke cigarettes ;). Bella is one of the only people that I have maintained a friendship with from high school and that is a true testament to the loveliness she carries with her. Photographing her is intimate and easy because that beginning barrier between photographer and subject that usually takes a second to break is already eliminated. It just flows and works. We have both actually been taking photos of each other for years now because Bella is also a pretty good photographer herself; it is something we have been doing for most of our friendship. She really is a cool chick and always has been. She is a special girl to me, now a special woman to the world."
  10. Bella Hadid

    No, she graduated high school, she dropped out of college after (I think) two semesters for modeling, though. She went to Parsons School of Design, she was a photography major.
  11. Bella Hadid

    Vogue just put up an article of her for "her new DKNY campaign" so it looks like we got our wish lol! SIDENOTE: Bella is also going to be walking for VSFS this year! It's not technically confirmed by VS but her roommate and makeup artist made a congrats post saying so and Gigi posted a photo saying she was proud of Bella with an angel emoji soooo...
  12. Bella Hadid

    Most recent Instagrams posts (not full size, just the squares):
  13. Bella Hadid

    ^^^^^ I matched almost everything shes wearing above to DKNY ss17 (or in the case of the blue bag, DKNY is written on it but they didn't preview it at the show!) and what shes wearing that I can't tell looks like their new collection in general! She opened their show (and this is day 2 of the shoot, paparazzi didn't get day 1 but fans did) so I hope it means she's going to be in their campaign. (Wishful thinking is my friend atm lol)
  14. Bella Hadid

    Okay, paparazzi are going to come take a photo f her regardless of what she wears, she's famous (even if only a little) and it's her birthday. She's wearing this outfit because she likes it and is going to a club any how, where dress codes are a lot more loose. It's not like she's going to a school play or a funeral in that outfit, she's at a club for her birthday. There's literally nothing wrong or abnormal with what she's wearing and her nipples aren't even out she's wearing pasties, a low cut top could show almost the same amount. Saying they can't have another culture because of where they grew up is the stupidest thing. Her mother who was born and raised in the Netherlands who raised them is going to instill the same cultural values and behaviors she has. Living in the US doesn't mean they have to have strictly a US culture. What the hell is a United States culture anyways? We don't all do the same things a native american does, we've all brought over an mixed things from where ever our families are originally from. Yolanda is dutch, she's going to teach her children dutch culture. One of those things is to be comfortable in your body and to not care about nudity, which Bella and Gigi obviously aren't. It may not be something you would do but there's nothing wrong with them doing it.
  15. Bella Hadid

    Her mom is from the Netherlands, they have a much more lack view of nudity especially with being topless and has talked about how she practically raised her kids naked and to not be ashamed of there bodies and all that. She doesn't mind at all. I've seen her go out in sheer tops without any bra/pasties before, it's just a cultural difference.