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  1. The Numero editorial was very jarring. Elsa looked a lot older. I realized that Elsa lost a lot of weight for the 2018 VSFS (I assume even more then previous years since she got the fantasy bra). I have noticed that the work (Numero Berlin, Vogue beauty, and VS shoots) she did in late 2018 that is just now being released in early-mid 2019 all make her appear older. However it does look like she is picking up weight, at least in her face, again. In her new Jbrandjeans collection, shot early 2019, her face looks a bit fuller and at Cannes she looked great. Even when comparing an appearance in January to one in June, there's a noticeable difference. And since there will be no VSFS this year, she'll probably refrain from the serious #trainlikeanangel workout.
  2. For Nicole + Felicia Couture FW19 Campaign She looks gorgeous, really excited to see the final product.
  3. Elsa was shooting for a collection today
  4. Elsa's in LA. Do you think there's a chance she shoots for the VS×L&L collaboration?
  5. Hope Elsa continues to use this makeup artist.
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