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  1. Is there gonna be a red carpet?
  2. I'm wondering if she's leaving Cannes now? She did say that it was her last 'premiere look', but there are still smaller events that aren't premieres that she could still go to. Based off of the picture she posted from her Cannes dresses fittings, she still has a blue dress left, but she could of decided not to wear that one.
  3. She was definitely one of the best dressed and styled of the night
  4. Her cover definitely looks the most HF out of all of them.
  5. What's his username?
  6. Vogue US February 2017
  7. A couple months ago Lorena talked about shooting bridal. Does anyone know what for?
  8. For Glass Magazine's December Issue
  9. For Glass Magazine's December Issue
  10. I loved the spin, i thought it was an amazing way to showcase the wings. It did look like her shoe lost traction before she did the spin, but she recovered well.
  11. Just in this Fashion Show preperation week the VS Sport and VS instagrams have posted a lot of pictures of her. So I think that they know that people want to see her, it would be a bad decision to get rid of someone who the people want to see.
  12. Does anyone know what other segment she's walking in? I know she has Secret Angel, but I dont think shes walking in Dark Angel because its to similar to Secret Angel and Bright Night Angel because it seems like a lot if the other girls are already in that one.
  13. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as stubborn, I just dont want my words to be misinterpreted into something negative, when that was never my intention.
  14. I never stated that they don't have careers, I stated that they rarely work outside of vs so they have a lot more time on their hands, which is true.
  15. When I said that I was refering to the fact that the girls they use the most are not always the girls who sale the best. All I am saying is that no one can truly state who sells the best out of anyone because in order to do that you have to give every girl the same articles of clothing to see how they are received. Yeah I'm sure that the clothes that the girls get look best on them and they are able to look good in them, but that doesnt change the fact that majority of people don't look at the model when shopping they look at the quality of the clothing. So there would be no point in using certain models to sell things if no one is looking at them. When Erin was modeling for VS people were looking at the models because they were one of the first clothing companies to use actual people to sell clothing. Now everyone is doing it, so the value has gone down and people can care less about who's modeling the clothing.