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  1. With thanks to kimflorida for positively identifying Esmerelda, I bring you her photos from the Tobi website.
  2. I think you could be right. I've had a look at a few of her images online and there seems to be a distinct similarity. Thank you very much.
  3. Me Again 😁 I just thought I'd give this topic a little nudge in the hopes that someone is able to recognise her. Thanking you kindly.
  4. Hello Everyone. I hope you're well. A while ago I posted a request asking if anyone was able to provide the name of the model I've attached. That wasn't successful. I'm still on the hunt for her name. I did a search online and the wedding images came up along with some of the usual images that I've seen. I've cropped each of the images so you can only see the best part of them I was hoping some of you here could tell me one way or the other if it's the same person. I definitely think there are similarities. Thanking you kindly.
  5. Hello, I hope everyone has been well. Whilst perusing the Forever 21 site I've become somewhat smitten with a bunch of lovely ladies that have modelled for them. I attempted to find out their names by doing Reverse Image Searches without any success. I've tried to group their filenames together. So, I hope it makes identifying them a bit easier. I really tried to narrow down my favourite images of some of them. I found that easier said than done I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
  6. Thanks very much to kimflorida for providing a name and then to fletch for the confirmation. Very much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. Would anyone be able to identify this model from the SpecialGals.com website, please? I haven't seen her anywhere else. Thanking you kindly.
  8. And thanks so much for giving me the name of the second lady too. Greatly appreciated.
  9. Greetings, I hope you're all well. Would anyone be able to tell me the names of either of these two models from Forever 21, please? I've seen the first cutie for a little while now but the second lady seems relatively new. No prizes for guessing which of the two is my favourite though Thank you.
  10. Hey, thanks bmunchie for finding out her name. I've recently noticed her myself and I was going to ask the fine people of this site what her name was. I'm glad I did a bit of a search beforehand. I think she's gorgeous and she's got a killer smile too. Cheers.
  11. Hello, I hope everyone is keeping well during this time. I've been having a look through the Tobi website and I've noticed a rather attractive brunette on their site. I've done a search via a few Reverse Image sites but I haven't found any other instances of her online. Any help as to her name would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I absolutely love this site. The amount of lovely ladies whose identities I've been trying to find out is constantly decreasing. I was told about a couple of Reverse Image websites. I've been using them lately and I've been learning a lot. Once I learn their names, I often find out there's already a thread devoted to her on this awesome site. Case in point the lovely Charlie Austin. What a beguiling creature she is. Thanks very much.
  13. Well, the Reverse Image search sites that were recommended have paid off. I now know the name of the last of the three ladies I've been searching for it's..... Hanri Van Schalkwyk and I've noticed that she has a topic here already. Thanks again fro your help. I'm still going to keep looking for the other two.
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