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    Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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    Horror Movies. Autumn. Pumpkins. The Paranormal. HALLOWEEN. Cryptozoology. Serial Killer pathology. Tattoos. Urban Legends. Corsetry. History. Animals <3. Postmortem Photographs. Spiders. Costuming. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Makeup Artistry. Special Effects Makeup. Eyebrows. Haunted Houses. Victorian Mourning Attire. Gaming. Music

    The Cure . Sisters of Mercy . Suicide Commandos . Die Form . Velvet Acid Christ . [:SITD:] . Nine Inch Nails . Depeche Mode . Hocico . Wumpscut . Siouxsie . Bowie . Death In June . Bauhaus . Skinny Puppy . Cocteau Twins . Christian Death . Aesthetic Perfection . Smashing Pumpkins
    . Marilyn Manson. Joy Division. Mentallo and The Fixer. Nick Cave. Dead Can Dance

    Genres: Gothic/Industrial . Darkwave . EBM . New Wave . Dark Ambient . 70's Rock . 60's Psychedelic . Blues

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    Mckenna Berkley
    Sara Sampaio
    Danielle Knudson




    Barbara Palvin
    Shanina Shayk
    Hannah Ferguson




    You have 50  points to be distributed between the 6 girls.
    You can give one girl all 50, or multiple girls a combination of votes but it MUST total 50. Not 49, not 34, not 10... 50
    If your points do not add to 50, then I'll randomly assign points to the girls using random.com
    The team that scores the most overall points will be granted bonus points + their overall score.

    MVP for each team will be awarded and extra 25 points.



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