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Those are incredible. So vibrant.

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Access Hollywood:

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 Preview



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Sorry if any of these are reposts. Too many similar picts to keep track of!!! :wacko:

post-2904-0-1446018787-58263_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-61697_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-63185_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-64422_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-67527_thumb.jpg

post-2904-0-1446018787-71525_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-72784_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-74163_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-75018_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-77479_thumb.jpg

post-2904-0-1446018787-78991_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-80519_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-81806_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-82513_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-84717_thumb.jpg

post-2904-0-1446018787-88053_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-89235_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-91065_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-92439_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-94951_thumb.jpg post-2904-0-1446018787-96897_thumb.jpg


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Wow...what a spectacular eve! Catch it all on the soon-to-be-televised #VSFashionShow. 12.4, 10/9C #CBS


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