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Irene Schouten, Born 21 june 1992, is a Dutch speed skating champion. She is Olympic champion on the mass start, the 3000 and 5000 meter, she won also 2 bronze medals.

world champion allround and lots of gold medals on mainly the 3000 and 5000 meter, the mass start.

In Beijing she was the queen of the Dutch Olympic team and if she was a country on her own, she would have finished 13th in the overall medal ranking.



80B2B610-42A9-4D01-8844-C366EE6A9610.webp 211E89AD-FD10-4A0E-B0FC-9DADB330625F.jpeg 89DCF908-8AA5-4C38-8627-5F42D3099704.jpeg 9FD2B5DA-8E90-43FA-B019-6B7AD4F7303A.jpeg F135B736-C65A-440D-856E-D552D0DE84DA.jpeg 4A18C0DD-703A-492C-B224-78A52687B095.jpeg 2D3DBF2B-3522-49CF-BF1D-F1507E90B230.jpeg 47826AD0-AC43-48E1-A163-64F1541F8BA3.jpeg 2AE04EA4-CE8F-482F-A023-E3EA444A843A.jpeg 4770C668-8C4B-45F1-946F-49588A6D2AA4.jpeg
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