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Once more, some difficult-to-ID models


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I have uploaded some pictures of some very frustrating (not yet I'Dd) models from Shape/Cosmo/ELLE/SELF magazine from the 2005-2015 range before and not had any luck. I have tried reverse image searching and KimFlorida and others have been particularly helpful with suggestions. I managed to get some of the photos in a higher resolution here, and I am shamelessly trying again. 

Like, who are these people? LOL.

I promise the moderators I am not spamming (just desperate). If anyone has any ideas or stabs in the dark I would be forever grateful 🧡


Captions for thumbnails: 

'model9' was an editorial for SELF magazine; circa 2008-2011

-model8' was an ad for a low priced clothing brand (JCPenney, Benetton, etc)

-model7 was a stock photo in Cosmo

-model6 was also a stock photo, for Vogue or Elle I think

-model 5 was definitiely a cosmo stock photo

-model 4 was an advertisement for an outdoor clothing company

-model 3 was an advertisement for a jewelry or other luxury goods company, I think

-model2 was, I swear, some type of Coffee drink or beverage ad (I have tried to look up several well known ones to no avail!)

-model1 (on the left) was for Tiffany's or a jewelry ad as well.

-model0 was an editorial for Cosmo on skincare around 2012-2013

-model00 was an editorial for SELF or SHAPE magazine about snacks.


Model9.jpg Model8.jpg Model7.jpg Model6.jpg Model5.jpg Model4.jpg Model3.jpg Model2.jpg Model1.jpg Model0.png model00.png
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