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Ancilla van der Leest


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Ancilla van der Leest is a Dutch former fetish model and a politician, activist and producer.

Het real  name is Linde van der Leest, but changed it in Ancilla Tilia after a Playboy shoot under het real name. Born in Rotterdam at July 21, 1985.


as a model het career started when she was discover when she was 19 and had her first Playboy shoot in 2004. She appeared most in erotic fetish photography: latex, high heels, corsets and stockings.

 She had shoots in Playboy (international), FHM, Bizarre, Marquis, The Picture and several Dutch magazines like Aktueel, Panorama, Viva. In 2012 she ended her modeling career.


Since 2007 she became involved in acting, writing and producing. Quote Challenge Rally was a first videoclip project. She did an acting study in Amsterdam. 
Acting and presentation:


De Meisjes van Thijs

Holland Poker


Beat The Mol

Nachtegiel (radio)

Party with Ancilla



Columns for Financieel Dagblad (Financial Times), FHM

To My Younger Me (book)


Later she became interested in activism and that is what she is still doing.

First animal rights, and voted most sexy vegetarian in 2008. But most privacy rights as she became involved with Bits of Freedom. She is focussed on privacy under pressure by the digital society. In 2017 she was leader of the Dutch Pirate Party, an international political party.  They did not make it into Dutch parliament.




A4EA019A-9EE8-4E32-83BB-7AC86D440490.jpeg 2F7200D8-F66B-472C-9D8B-1833FB188A11.jpeg AC22A289-A61A-4B59-B2A7-23FD1B164C82.jpeg 78B24125-52A2-421D-8657-6A729A357E16.jpeg 71BA092C-2DB3-41E7-B47E-DF95D0531EF3.jpeg 615E7873-1D22-4174-96FC-F8C8C595CD8B.jpeg AFFA9641-7F87-482C-B7FD-0902962C8900.jpeg 4D78BF0E-DEAA-4E32-B0B0-3B343CF7DAAD.jpeg FAFD5BB0-8938-408E-8751-9C81E5BB8C2B.jpeg AB4EE92C-09EE-447A-BC63-732693CA1157.jpeg 2B3422DC-9B42-4B4C-A64B-605405BC62A5.jpeg

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