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Sandy Mölling

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Sandra "Sandy" Mölling (born April 27, 1981 in Wuppertal), known professionally as Sandy, is a German pop singer, who rose to fame as a member of the girl group No Angels. In 2004 she launched a successful career as a solo artist.

Early life

Mölling was born in Wuppertal, Germany to Lothar Mölling and Dagmar Sprenger. She has three brothers, Brian, Kevin and Dustin and a half sister, Melina. After her parents divorce Sandy, her mother, and her siblings moved to Koblenz where she trained as a retail saleswoman after her secondary school graduation.

Encouraged by several of her friends, Mölling decided to audition for the 2000 debut of the German reality television program Popstars. She entered the competition with thousands of other women, and the judges Simone Angel, Rainer Moslener and Mario M. Mendryzcki were impressed with her performance. She earned a position in the top thirty finalists and immediately travelled to Mallorca, Spain to join her competitors for a workshop there. In the end Mölling made it to the final ten on the show, and during a special episode in November 2000, jury member Moslener disclosed that Sandy was chosen to become part of the final girl group, later called No Angels.

With the final five members of the band in place, Popstars continued tracking the development and struggles of the No Angels. However, it took another four months until the band released "Daylight (In Your Eyes)", a partial cover of Victoria Faiella's unreleased 2000 single, which would subsequently appear on the band's debut album Elle'ments. Both the single and the album became an unexpected but major success, beating new records, when both peaked at #1 on the German, Austrian, and Swiss singles, airplay and albums charts - all at the same time.

In the following years the band released another two #1 studio albums (Now ... Us! and Pure), a Live album and a successful Swing album (When The Angels Swing). Altogether the albums spawned twelve singles - including four number 1 singles and ten Top 10 hits -, making the No Angels the most successful European girl group of their era with a final amount of more than 5 million sold copies. On September 5, 2003 the four resting members (now without Jessica) announced that they would no longer be performing together after three years of continual touring and increasing cases of illness. The release of The Best of No Angels in November of the same year marked the end of the band, whose members each went their separate ways. While some decided to go for motherhood or television careers, Sandy was the only member with concrete plans for a musical solo career then.

In May 2004 Mölling was the second Ex-No Angel (after Vanessa) to launch a solo career. After months of intensive recording sessions in Sweden and Great Britain Sandy released her first solo single "Unnatural Blonde", which became a Top 10 success and the highest charting single of all solo releases by all former band members. The summer-laid follow-up "Tell Me", a ballad, saw similar success in August of the same year, becoming another Top 10 hit.

Following the successful release of the singles, Mölling's full-length debut album Unexpected was released on September 13, 2004. It debuted at number 13 on the German albums chart. A third single, "Unexpected" (featuring German rapper Manuellsen), was released when Sandy was chosen to represent Rhineland-Palatinate on the 1st Bundesvision Song Contest. The singer eventually finished last with 10 points, while the single entered a moderate number 29 on the German singles chart. Around the same time Sandy received an ECHO nomination for "Female Artist National (2005)".

After a few hosting jobs and a sudden label change Sandy released her minor succeeded sophomore album, Frame of Mind, in May 2006 via Starwatch Music. The album's first single, "Crash", was a cover version of the same-titled 1988 UK hit (released by The Primitives) and peaked at number 24 on the German singles chart. Additionally Sandy was seen as a competitor in TV contest Let's Dance, eventually ending third. The album's second single, "Living without You" was released in November 2003 and entered the German single chart at number 36.

Though Mölling was expected to continue promoting Frame of mind, the singer decided to shelve upcoming plans for her solo career in favour of a reunion of the No Angels in early 2007. However, all band members have affirmed that they will continue to pursue individual careers as solo artists at suitable opportunities.



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she is from No Angels?

i loved No Angels

have you heard that tehy will recover soon?

i can't wait their new stuff

my fave member was Vanessa

but her (Sandy's) career wasn't great, actually it's the same like Space Girls, any of them wasn't successfull after splitting

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