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I'd Love To Know The Names Of Some, If Not All Of These Lovely Ladies From Forever 21, Please And Thank You!


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 I hope everyone has been well.


Whilst perusing the Forever 21 site I've become somewhat smitten with a bunch of lovely ladies that have modelled for them.

I attempted to find out their names by doing Reverse Image Searches without any success.


 I've tried to group their filenames together.

So, I hope it makes identifying them a bit easier.

I really tried to narrow down my favourite images of some of them. I found that easier said than done :)


 I appreciate any assistance.


Thank you.

Number Eight 001.jpg Number Eight 002.jpg Number Eight 003.jpg Number Eight 004.jpg Number Eight 005.jpg Number Eight 006.jpg Number Eight 009.jpg Number Eight 010.jpg Number Eight 011.jpg Number Eight 012.jpg Number Eight 013.jpg Number Eight 014.jpg Number Eight 015.jpg Number Eight 016.jpg Number FIve 001.jpg Number Five 002.jpg Number Four 001.jpg Number Four 002.jpg Number Four 003.jpg Number Four 004.jpg Number Four 005.jpg Number Four 006.jpg Number Four 007.jpg Number Four 008.jpg Number Four 009.jpg Number Four 010.jpg Number Four 011.jpg Number Nine 001.jpg Number Nine 002.jpg Number One 001.jpg Number One 002.jpg Number One 003.jpg Number One 004.jpg Number One 005.jpg Number One 006.jpg Number One 007.jpg Number One 008.jpg Number One 009.jpg Number One 010.jpg Number One 011.jpg Number One 012.jpg Number Seven 001.jpg Number Seven 002.jpg Number Seven 003.jpg Number Seven 004.jpg Number Seven 005.jpg Number Seven 006.jpg Number Seven 007.jpg Number Seven 008.jpg Number Seven 009.jpg Number Seven 010.jpg Number Seven 011.jpg Number Seven 012.jpg Number Seven 013.jpg Number Seven 014.jpg Number Seven 015.jpg Number Seven 016.jpg Number Seven 017.jpg Number Seven 018.jpg Number Seven 019.jpg Number Seven 020.jpg Number Seven 021.jpg Number Seven 022.jpg Number Seven 023.jpg Number Seven 024.jpg Number Seven 025.jpg Number Seven 026.jpg Number Six 001.jpg Number Six 002.jpg Number Three 001.jpg Number Three 002.jpg Number Three 003.jpg Number Three 004.jpg Number Three 005.jpg Number Two 001.jpg Number Two 002.jpg Number Two 003.jpg Number Two 004.jpg Number Two 005.jpg Number Two 006.jpg Number Two 007.jpg Number Two 008.jpg Number Two 009.jpg Number Two 010.jpg Number Two 011.jpg Number Two 012.jpg
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