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7, 8, 9, 10


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How do you rate a beautiful girl? How do you quantify the unquantifiable? What makes a a girl a 10? a 9? an 8? a 7?

This is what I have, starting with a 5. Anything below a five is not even worth discussing!

5 not cute, not attractive. no thanks. too many "clear and present" flaws to consider attractive in any way.

6 barely attractive . some definitely obvious and possibly even major flaws, but some redeeming qualities. wouldn't catch my eye, though.

7 cute. an attractive girl. some flaws are evident, but harmonious enough that things look good. i would look at her and notice her.

8 very cute. so pretty. very attractive. a sexy girl. i would look at her and check her out. would probably turn my head on the street if the situation were right (not with wife, etc). a definite looker. minor flaws, but overwhelmingly attractive. would perk me up and distract me from other things and give me a sense of pleasant pleasure. "a delicious morsel"

9 wow! so hot! a hot and beautiful girl. i would check her out and feel pang of remorse once i couldn't see her anymore. she would give me pain and anguish and also a rush of excitement. no flaws evident. just gorgeous. hot hot hot. the kind you see every once in a while in new york, and all the guys turn. maybe a few times a month, or more if you're lucky.

10 stunning. you see these once or twice a year. a rare specimen. absolutely divine. extremely rare. really, a different breed, a different species. makes you question your purpose in life and leaves you shaken and confused for the rest of the days, and days after. what you live for.

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1 - Is it Human?

2 - You can tell it's a woman

3 - Unattractive with several major negative features

4 - Unattractive, but not ugly - just "eh"

5 - Unremarkable

6 - Otherwise unremarkable woman with a desirable feature or two

7 - Attractive, but not spectacular

8 - Beautiful woman with some minor negative features

9 - Beautiful woman with no perceivable flaws

10 - Same as a 9, but with a unique and stunningly rare look

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guys, you are very funny with your "is it a monster or is it a human?" type criteria for a 1 female, but that's why the title of this posting is 7, 8, 9, 10 --- in other words, the interesting part is when you get to the top tier of female beauty.

maybe i should have done the thread the other way i thought about:


this whole thing re-occured to me when i started watching the gastineau girls with my wife on dvd from netflix. holy shit, brittney gastineau is a !@#$% ten! i had forgotten how incredible hot one girl's face could be.

so if brittney gastineau is a ten face, who is a nine?

nine, i say is evangeline lily. i was watching lost and was mezmerized. (her face only, her body is less than a nine). she is so beautiful. but she's no gastineau girl. (at least this is just based on season one that i saw)

eight....someone hot but within the normal range of life...a delicious morsel...hmm, i don't watch that much tv is the problem...maybe the girl from laguna beach, lauren conrad? the blonde who went on to the hills. lc, right?

seven...shit, no idea.

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