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Shawn Pyfrom


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Bio (from wikipedia):

Shawn Caminiti Pyfrom (born August 16, 1986) is an American actor who has appeared in several television series and movies.

Pyfrom was born in Tampa, Florida and is of part Italian and Spanish descent. "Caminiti", his middle name, is his mother's maiden name.[1][2] Pyfrom has an older brother named Christopher and a younger sister Amber.

He is known for his recurring role as Andrew Van De Kamp, the troubled teenage son of Bree (Marcia Cross) and Rex Van De Kamp (Steven Culp) on ABC's Desperate Housewives. He played the role, as a recurring guest appearance, throughout the show's first season (2004-2005). After appearing in the entire second season as a Supporting Cast Member (for which he was credited in the opening credits), he currently remains in that position for the third season. Shawn recently completed the Walt Disney pictures film The Shaggy Dog opposite Tim Allen and Kristin Davis, and the film The Darkroom opposite Erin Foster.


1998: Pumpkin Man (TV)

1998: From the Earth to the Moon (TV series)

1998: A Wing and a Prayer (TV)

1999: H-E Double Hockey Sticks

1999: Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story (TV)

1999: Michael Landon, the Father I Knew (TV)

2000: A Day in a Life

2000: Pay It Forward

2001: Max Keeble's Big Move

2001: Stanley (TV series)

2003: My Life with Men (TV)

2004-7: Desperate Housewives (TV series)

2006: The Shaggy Dog

2006: The Darkroom

[edit] Guest appearances

1998: Chicago Hope (as Jonah "Jessica" Boyd in the episode "Risky Business")

1998: Ellen (as Scout in the episode "These Friends of Mine"

1998: L.A. Doctors (as Kevin Claybourne in the episode "What About Bob?")

1998: The Drew Carey Show (as Mark Foster in the episode "Kate's Family")

1999: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as Little Boy in the episode "Gingerbread")

2000: The Kids From Room 402 (as Jesse in the episode "Schnitzy R.I.P.")

2000: 7th Heaven (as Bobby Carver in the episode "Words")

2000: Touched by an Angel (as Aaron in the episode "Bar Mitzvah")

2000: The Trouble with Normal (as Douglas in the episode "Mail Trouble")

2000: Family Guy (voice) (in the episode "E. Peterbus Unum")

2001: State of Grace (as Logan in the episode "Where the Boys Are")

2001: State of Grace (as Logan in the episode "The Expanding Universe")

2001: 7th Heaven (as Bobby Carver in the episode "One Hundred")

2001: The Division (as Cory Kenner in the episode "Faces in the Crowd")

2001: Family Guy (voice) (as Oliver in the episodes "Emission Impossible")

2001: Reba (as Bryan in the episode "Don't Know Much About History")

2002: State of Grace (as Logan in the episode "Dating Games")

2002: Malcolm in the Middle (as Eddie in the episode "Cliques")

2003: Oliver Beene (as Bill in the episode "Divorce-o-Rama")

2003: The Division (as John Jr. at 15 in the episode "Wish You Were Here")

2003: The Brothers Garcia (as Jake Brody in the episode "Two Left Feet")

2004: Century City (as Julian Haan in the episode "Sweet Child of Mine")

2004: Drake & Josh (as Michael in the episode "Pool Shark")

2004: Still Standing (as Matthew Halverson in the episode "Still Hangin' Out")

2004: Nip/Tuck (as Trevor Hayes in the episode "Oona Wentworth")

2004: 8 Simple Rules (as Jake in the episode "Out of the Box")

2005: Still Standing (as Matthew Halverson in the episode "Still Drinking")

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