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Emily Tanner

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Emily was born in Michigan and majored in Public Health at Michigan State University. She was chosen as Sports Illustrated's Lovely Lady of the Day in November 2016 now is an Instagram Superstar who promotes swimwear brands like Private Party, Frankie's Bikinis and Ola Feroz Swimwear on her popular account. She has amassed over 220,000 followers.


Birth Name: Emily Tanner

Age: 25, born 6 December 1994

Born and residing in: us.gif United States

Height: 5' 6"

DD72F414-0C64-4824-B734-04765C28F771.jpeg 4CA490B3-4928-46E9-8DD5-68346DFABD34.jpeg 4D68ABAA-372E-4CDE-BA51-F3D533457381.jpeg B1E58E51-454E-43A2-A678-A8AAAB85FE74.jpeg D0CCD1A0-7448-46B3-8274-E40FB71C174E.jpeg 5D5D3180-B10D-4543-AD18-C1F7A83A3C20.jpeg 10C42B77-66B4-47BF-8776-F411F8670357.jpeg 0B0C753D-720C-454B-B6FC-31B17F9A85C7.jpeg 6D382FD8-FDDE-4D00-934B-B5FDE931BB38.jpeg A46B02BD-3DB3-49AF-8306-21C96589CC87.jpeg 7AC8E493-4D09-4409-91AA-2559CF2A050E.jpeg 3826A608-7577-482C-A465-3B03C5FFA624.jpeg E57C97D6-727A-4BE2-AC31-8AC23C6A15A1.jpeg B09DC636-D5A1-4D1B-9EC3-E8A6CA8A10F8.jpeg 13C93D4C-E16E-4107-A98A-5A84AB1DF360.jpeg 41A9C543-E04D-486B-A1F6-F21F034CEF4C.jpeg 72929CEC-A467-4347-A4F8-585A697D03AE.jpeg 57F3627B-99E0-4E41-BC2E-F055C5D54C0E.jpeg E02AF29C-5360-4491-96B5-AC622CC12C9A.jpeg FC958C6A-E8CB-4986-AD1D-9AEB66F46CE6.jpeg 906D3DDA-AA7D-4082-83E2-3E5B98E141E0.jpeg

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