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Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez & José María Manzanares Jr


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Cayetano Rivera Ordonez...


Name: Cayetano Rivera Ordonez

D.O.B: January 13 1977

Birthplace: Madrid

Martital Status: Divorced

Zodiac: Capricorn

Eyes: Green

Siblings: 3 brothers, Francisco (biological, bullfighter), Kiko & Julián Contreras Jr (step-brothers).

Profession: Bullfighter/Torero

Children: 1, Daugther he adopted when he married model Blanca Romero (her biological daughter)

Career: Started in 2005...Plaza de la Maestranza in Ronda (with Francisco), San Isidro, Sevilla,


Cayetano is the son of Francisco Rivera 'Paquirri', y Carmen Ordonez. Father is legendary bullfighter who followed a line of legendary bullfighter in his family Antonio Ordonez, his grandfather, & other grandfather, Cayetano Ordonez, Nino de Palma. His father died during a bullfight in 1984 & his mother died of an overdose in 2004!

He married Blanca Romero in October 2001 but they divorced in 2004.

He stars in the movie due out this year 'Manolete' about the legendary bullfighter alongside Adrien Brody & Penelope Cruz.

He is now the new face of Giorgio Armani, modelled in his menswear show Jan 2007.

Jose Maria Manzanares Jr...


Name: Jose Maria Manazares

D.O.B: February 03 1982

Birthplace: Alicante

Martial Status: Dating

Siblings: 1 brother, 2 sisters

Profession: Bullfigther/ Torero

Children: None

Eyes: Brown

Zodiac: Aquarius

Career: Started March 29 2001

Bullrings appeared in Campotejar, Nimes (France), Alicante, Santa Fe de Bogota (Colombia), Las Ventas & Mexico.


His father is also a bullifghter he retired in 2006.

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