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Fernando Torres

the sars

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hey :wave:

congrats to fer and oly :D i'm sure they're going to be great parents.

watch this video, it isnt that special and its repeating some infos we already know, but there's an old rare interview with nando in it where he talks about him and olalla and at 1:15 you can see old pictures of them kissing each other when they were teens. it is soo cute ^__^


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They are expecting a baby girl ;) and yes, I agree it's quite sad they didn't have their parents there and I heard she wore a red dress. But I think because it was in registry office they will have a big church one with family after the baby is born maybe? They just didn't want their child to be born out of wedlock and that's understandable.

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My first post!!

I've used this forum so long now for pics of dear Nando, I thought it was time I give something back.

Spain lost to the USA, still can't get over the loss :( , but here are some pics to cheer us up.... He looks mighty fine (as always).

<all pics from daylife.com>

Hope you like..

Zo :D

post-28616-1246038489_thumb.jpg post-28616-1246038462_thumb.jpg post-28616-1246038476_thumb.jpg post-28616-1246038448_thumb.jpg

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