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She is from korea. Her korean name is 최은경. 최 is family name( '최' is Choi). And she is also called Choi Eun Kyung and Choi Eun Gyung And Choi Eun Kyeong. She was born in June 18th in 1993. She graduated from Suwon Science College, she majored in Air Sightseeing. She is a supermodel and she participated in the content of super model in Korea in 2015. She used to compete others in MissKorea. She is a youtiber too. Her Height is almost 173cm her weight is 52kg.


Her breast is 33 inch

Her waist is 22.5 inch

Her hip is 33.5 inch

Her feet size is 250 mm





Screenshot_2020-07-31_092432.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092841.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092346.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092836.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092521.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092854.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092512.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092847.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092822.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092818.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092330.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092826.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_091408.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_091112.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092808.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_090927.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092804.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_091359.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_091255.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092813.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092909.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092748.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092938.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092743.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_090648.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092758.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092753.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092942.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092546.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092918.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092914.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092738.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092926.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092922.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092903.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092526.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092541.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-31_092536.jpg buddy0618_20200731_64.png

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