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INTERVIEW: My style Freja Wewer

Who? Freja Wewer

What? Fashion Week

Where? Copenhagen

Instagram @frejawewer Blog: Frejawewer.com

She is inspired by the streets of Copenhagen and the nightlife. Meet Freja Wewer in this weeks My Style-interview.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

What is style to you? To me, style is a way I can express myself. Through style, I can say a lot of things without saying a single word. It's also a way I can experience, be creative and have fun.

Where do you collect your inspiration? I think it's a very difficult question to answer, because I never really sit down and look for inspiration. It is somehow in the air that we breathe. I think I might get a big amount of my inspiration from the streets of Copenhagen and the nightlife. I love when it gets dark and people are giving it a little extra with colors and textures. I also get a lot of my inspiration from all my travels. I adopt some small things and ideas from all the countries and citys that I visit and, make it fit into my style.


when did your interest for fashion start? I think it began when I was a very little girl. I really enjoyed dressing up in weird stuff. I had an opinion about everything, and I wanted to dress myself. I looked kind of funky!


How did you get into The business? I was “discovered” by my agent through Instagram. I’ve always been posting a lot of photos, but I never really took it serious. My agent taught med how to handle the business, and then I just tried to do my best. - Your key item for fall- and how to style it I really really love hoodies, and I got a lot of them in different shapes and colors. Many people associate them with being sporty or casual, but I think they look very cool with some leather pants and stilettoes.

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? If the sun is shining and I’m in a good mood, I would never ever wear black – But when the weather is dark and I’m a bit stressed, then black is almost the only color I want to wear. -


Do you have any limit what to post and what not to post on Instagram? Actually I have a private account, for friends only. I post a lot of random and funny stuff, but with some kind of symbolic value for my friends or me. You can never really remove things from the Internet, and I always have that in mind when I post photos on my official account.



Top 3 danish designers to keep our eyes on? Freya Dalsjø. Mark Kenly Domino Tan And then I met Jenny Hanna Hirvonen last night at the Future Of Fashion show, and I really loved her designs.

Photo: Envelope.no via @envelope_no


Must visist store in Copenhagen? Storm and Mads Nørgaard.


Dress up or dress down? - That’s a difficult one! I dress down – but in a cool and not sloppy way.

What trends and colors do you believe in for the season? Army green (my favorite color)! I also believe in a very colorful winter in general.

If you have to chose only 5 items in your closet- what would that be? My Alexander Mcqueen slippers must be my first priority, I’m wearing them all the time. My Acne leather jacket. My Blue PJ from Ganni. My Vintage “prom dress” , which looks like a dress from The Great Gatsby and can never be replaced. And the last one might be my camouflage jacket from Wood Wood, which has been following me the last 5 years.




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Creative director / influencer

Copenhagen, Denmark

How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

I’m grateful to be in Denmark during this time spent in quarantine. I think our government has done a good job. We took the pandemic seriously from the onset, and now we’re in a situation where we can go outside if we decide or see a few people at a time. I’m lucky to exercise outside every day and see my friends (with precautions!). I try my best to stay active. Exercise has made it easier to cope with being in quarantine, and I enjoy this break from travelling. I’ve used the situation to rethink things and dig deeper into projects. I feel more motivated now than I ever have. I’m privileged to be safe and comfortable, but I fear for those in danger and for those who have had their lives turned upside down. Many people will suffer from this pandemic, and I fear for those without the resources to get back to normal afterwards. And what is normal after this? After this, I hope the future will be brighter. I hope that perspective may change many things. Some people may have more time to reflect on life, and I hope we realize we may not always be doing everything right.

What is your soundtrack?

My favourite soundtrack is no doubt my boy Jeurus “couldn't be”. He’s so talented and I can’t wait to follow his journey. I did all his visuals, and he has the best energy. You feel that when he performs! He is an inspiring person and character.



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