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Grace VanderWaal

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Grace Avery VanderWaal is an American singer-songwriter. She earned wide notice at an early age

and is known for her distinctive vocals, often accompanying herself on the ukulele.

Born: January 15, 2004, Lenexa, Kansas.


Girls' Life Magazine Apr/May 2020

Darya Kabayashi Ritch photos


van260320BZNimage101.jpg van260320BZNimage102.jpg van260320BZNimage103.jpg

van260320BZNimage104.jpg van260320BZNimage105.jpg van260320BZNimage106.jpg

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''Stargirl'' premiere, Hollywood, Mar 10 '20


        wal260320BZNimage1.jpg         wal260320BZNimage2.jpg         wal260320BZNimage3.jpg         wal260320BZNimage4.jpg         wal260320BZNimage5.jpg         wal260320BZNimage6.jpg         wal260320BZNimage7.jpg         wal260320BZNimage8.jpg         wal260320BZNimage9.jpg         wal260320BZNimage10.jpg         wal260320BZNimage11.jpg         wal260320BZNimage12.jpg         wal260320BZNimage13.jpg         wal260320BZNimage14.jpg         wal260320BZNimage15.jpg         wal260320BZNimage16.jpg         wal260320BZNimage17.jpg         wal260320BZNimage18.jpg         wal260320BZNimage19.jpg         wal260320BZNimage20.jpg         wal260320BZNimage21.jpg         wal260320BZNimage22.jpg         wal260320BZNimage23.jpg         wal260320BZNimage24.jpg         wal260320BZNimage25.jpg         wal260320BZNimage26.jpg         wal260320BZNimage27.jpg         wal260320BZNimage28.jpg         wal260320BZNimage29.jpg         wal260320BZNimage30.jpg         wal260320BZNimage31.jpg         wal260320BZNimage32.jpg         wal260320BZNimage33.jpg         wal260320BZNimage34.jpg         wal260320BZNimage35.jpg         wal260320BZNimage36.jpg         wal260320BZNimage37.jpg         wal260320BZNimage38.jpg         wal260320BZNimage39.jpg         wal260320BZNimage40.jpg         wal260320BZNimage41.jpg         wal260320BZNimage42.jpg         wal260320BZNimage43.jpg         wal260320BZNimage44.jpg         wal260320BZNimage45.jpg         wal260320BZNimage46.jpg         wal260320BZNimage47.jpg         wal260320BZNimage48.jpg

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