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Visible spine

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When I'm bending forward or sitting, my spine sticks out of my back. Some people say that it's beautiful, for other people it's ugly. What do you think about it? I like it, on my body and on other girls too. I think the most beautiful spine has Rachel Cook. Beauty for me. I like collar and pelvic bones too.

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This may not be a popular opinion but I personally think it's beautiful.


I know a lot of people associate it with being anorexic or too skinny but it's honestly more of a genetic thing. I've known girls who are curvy with a very prominent spine that you could count every bump when she bends even a little bit forward (like even just sitting down or leaning over a little bit), and I've also known super thin girls who had ones that looked more like a smooth ridge or that barely showed even when they bent over or slouched a lot. And a lot of lean, athletic and very strong/muscular bodies also have really defined spines. Everyone's body is different that way.


Of course it often also shows on overly thin bodies but that's like saying there's water when it rains, but not every time you feel water means it's raining... or some similar comparison.

A lot of models and actresses are a little closer to the overly thin side of course (especially when you meet them in person), but that's like the "rain" side of that metaphor.


One opposite example was a girl I knew who anyone would guess was even on the heavier side (partly because of her height and partly because she had sort of a wider bone structure - not overweight but definitely also at least healthy by any standard) but every time she sat down, you could seriously count every bump on her lower spine through her shirt, much more than on a lot of thinner people. Others would make dumb jokes like "dinosaur back" or whatever.


Anyway, just a bit of a rant.


It's like anything else - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's up to personal taste, etc.

But body shaming isn't only for traits people associate with being overweight - definitely don't let anyone make you ashamed of it.


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