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Missy Higgins


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I don't know if someone of you knows her, but I really want to intruduce her to them who don't know her music and her great voice!

Career Biography

Missy Higgins, who was brought up in Melbourne, Australia, began her professional music career in mid-2001, while she was still a student at the exclusive Geelong Grammar School, when she won the Triple J 'Victoria Unearthed' competition with her song "All For Believing".

After attracting the attention of manager John Watson, she released her first EP with his record label Eleven in November 2003. Her second EP Scar was released in August 2004, debuting at #1 on the Australian charts. Her first album, The Sound Of White was released in September 2004. Many of her songs are based around her performance on the piano, and so is considered a leading artist in the Australian music scene, and a central artist in piano rock.

The Sound Of White was produced in the U.S. by John Porter with audio engineer Jay Newland, noted for his work with jazz singer, Norah Jones. Throughout 2004, Higgins had been touring as a support act with Pete Murray and The John Butler Trio, including solo performances at the Hordern Pavilion, The Clarendon, and the Enmore Theatre. With the release of The Sound Of White, Higgins began another national tour, her first as the headliner.

In 2004, Higgins was nominated in four categories at the ARIA Awards. These included "Best Female Artist" and "Single of the Year". At the awards ceremony on October 17 she received the award for "Best Pop Release".

Following the Boxing Day Tsunami, Missy Higgins appeared at the Wave Aid fundraising concert in Sydney, to raise funds for aid organisations working in disaster affected areas.

In 2005, Missy was nominated for a further seven ARIA Awards, taking out the awards for "Album of the Year" (for The Sound Of White), "Best Female Artist", "Best Pop Release" (for The Sound Of White), "Breakthrough Artist - Album Release" (for The Sound Of White) and "Highest Selling Album" (again, for The Sound Of White).

Her single "Ten Days", co-written with Jay Clifford of Jump, Little Children peaked at number 10 on the ARIA charts.

She released her third single, "The Special Two", to both critical and commercial acclaim. It became an instant hit on Australian radio and in the charts debuting and peaking at number 2 on the ARIA charts. She continued touring in mid-2005 and released her fourth single, "The Sound Of White", in August of 2005. In late 2005 she teamed up with Ben Lee for a national tour.

In June 2006 she toured the United States and United Kingdom along with her band before basing herself in Los Angeles to record her second album with veteran producer Mitchell Froom.

source: wikipedia

There are not so many pics of her, but she is a very great singer with a very great voice and very lovely and honest lyrics.

May be someone knows her ;)

Her website is MISSY HIGGINS and there you can listen to the songs of her first album.

I really like her...





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Oh I do!

I love her voice and her music. She is really one of the last "real singers".

I like her songs and the lyrics. And I'm afraid of her new album!

Listen to Steer on her MySpace site. I like this song too. It's something new, but I like it.

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Yaay... Missy's new album is up on myspace an I reaaaally love it!! Listen to WARM WHISPERS, WHERE I STOOD, GOING NORTH or FORGIVE ME!

These songs are soooo great!!! I love them and I love Missy!

The cover of the "On A Clear Night" record:


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