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Laura Theodori

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Hello Everybody,


   I want you to know the incredible french model Laura Theodori. She's for the moment Miss Alsace 2019 and she's in competition for Miss France 2020.

Laura made some catwalks for the Fashion Week in Strasbourg 2018.

I think she can become a great model in the world. Don't you think so ?


Best regards

58595602_2180739945345104_8117651479801626624_o.jpg 60296004_161921131508390_3917028105256562652_n.jpg fufu-569b7b3.jpg 69906013_723346328127127_3261156139663677403_n.jpg 71053142_2442470019123662_6938293407810846720_n.jpg 69125724_405436730114503_4511944275768823917_n.jpg 69651977_538599923547477_6353926545843889546_n.jpg 55684187_2215207531832810_4649024033147322368_n.jpg laura_grosplan.jpg lauraok14.jpg lauraok12.jpg laura-theodori-nouvelle-miss-alsace-(photo-dna-jean-francois-badias)-1567959975.jpg 35574307_436072270194831_8058341937108746240_n.jpg 35948697_389734598200334_3925936108130533376_n.jpg 52725450_2173164576037106_6985506179409510400_n.jpg 28056214_1593771097375328_5487959273955291048_n.jpg 50786149_2121803324506565_5644380358943178752_n.jpg 69438050_2378340608869937_1748185237185101824_n.jpg 47682698_2057845930902305_2048789817843515392_n.jpg 65591551_119431319316795_5117003357315838740_n.jpg 70807698_2254901284633168_9207051865504612352_n.jpg 69797175_2254901364633160_4986773054349639680_n.jpg

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