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Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America December 2019
Andres de Lara - Photographer
Sirsa Ponciano - Hair Stylist
William Murphy - Makeup Artist
Eric Cano - Casting Director
Shiau Yao - Model
Zoe Louis - Model




1261992-800w.jpg 1261994-800w.jpg 1261995-800w.jpg 1261996-800w.jpg 1261997-800w.jpg 1261998-800w.jpg 1261999-800w.jpg 1262000-800w.jpg 1262001-800w.jpg 1262002-800w.jpg 1262003-800w.jpg
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Manifesto Magazine 10-2019
The Journey, Le Deuxieme
Keiichiro Nakajima - Photographer
Jonathan Yee - Editor
Leah Henken - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Hikaru - Hair Stylist
Seong Hee Park - Makeup Artist
Mileshka - Model
Zoe Louis - Model




1212624-800w.jpg 1212625-800w.jpg 1212626-800w.jpg 1212627-800w.jpg 1212628-800w.jpg 1212629-800w.jpg 1212630-800w.jpg 1212631-800w.jpg 1212632-800w.jpg 1212633-800w.jpg 1212634-800w.jpg 1212635-800w.jpg 1212636-800w.jpg 1212637-800w.jpg 1212638-800w.jpg 1212639-800w.jpg

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L'Officiel Singapore December 2018
Golden Hour
Mary Fix - Photographer
Jess Mederos - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Sirsa Ponciano - Hair Stylist
Caitlin Wooters - Makeup Artist


1028093-800w.jpg 1028094-800w.jpg 1028095-800w.jpg 1028096-800w.jpg 1028097-800w.jpg 1028098-800w.jpg 1028099-800w.jpg
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Elle Mexico 03.21
"So if you need a hero, just look in the mirror"
Izaac Morales- Photographer
Mariana Guerrero Dingler- Fashion Editor/Stylist
Takuya Yamaguchi- Hair Stylist
Mitch Yoshida- Makeup Artist

elle mex 03.21-page-001.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-002.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-003.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-004.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-005.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-006.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-007.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-008.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-009.jpg elle mex 03.21-page-010.jpg
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