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Please Help to ID this unknown model. Assistance greatly appreciated.

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Hi,  I'm looking for some help in Identifying the model in the linked image.  I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer with this.


I've pretty much exhausted Google image-search,  and also tried tineye.com and yandex.ru/images, but to no avail.  I've also, so far, been unable to even find out who the photographer is.


Sadly it seems the image looks to be a stock photo which, as I understand it, makes it more challenging 🙁


Again,  I would really appreciate any help.  Many Thanks!!!



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Google image-search helps out with a bigger image, the title: 1553310271_beg_sport_blondinki_kristina_shannon_tela_devushki_kari.jpg

If you know how to read these file names, you can find out, that "Kristina Shannon" is one of the Shannon Twins 😉

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristina_and_Karissa_Shannon     Pretty good match here with Kristina.


Corrections are welcome  🙂

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not looking like a recent shannon twin to me, regardless of the filename.  Not looking like an early shannon twin, either, but It's a great idea to peek inside the file a bit like that, but I've incorrectly named images by my own or someone else's incorrect id, and they go viral (and are still) out there incorrectly.  I'd keep looking. on this one unless we can tie that direct image to them in another way.


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