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Jane Leeves

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jane Leeves is a British actress, born 18 April 1961 in Redbridge.

She started a career as model but became famous as actress, best known a Daphne Moon in Frasier. She won several awards for her part in this very successful sitcom.

Before Frasier, she started with appearances and smaller roles in movie and tv. First was being a topless angel in Monty Python’ s The Meaning of Life.  

later she had a few roles in the Benny Hill shows. 

her rise to stardom began with TV shows Throb! And in Murphy Brown.


1993 was the year she started in Frasier as the live-in caretaker for the father of Frasier Crane. Daphne Moon is characterized by her charming Mancunian accent, het down to earth, witty Approach to the lives of Frasier and Niles Crane, and their father. She Becca,e the love interest of Niles. Leeves won many awards for her role as Daphne Moon.


In 2010 she had another hit serie with Hot in Cleveland. Again she played a role with as British citizen living in the USA.


During the Frasier years she was the best payed British actress in Hollywood.

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