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Carissa Pinkston

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well looks like she's cancelled or something




Hey everyone! 60 days since I’ve been, ‘cancelled’ from the modeling industry and not receiving work because I spoke my mind about how I feel concerning Transgender people. People want me to shut up and not voice my uncomfortability with biological born Men entering Women dominated work spaces and essentially competing with us because they want to call themselves Women! Yes, I’m scared of radical Transgender people who can’t have a civilized intelligent conversation about this issue and about the toxicity of #cancelculture 
This will follow me for the rest of my career because apparently I’m not supposed to talk about these privileged men who have the time and money to chemically change their sex because they are uncomfortable in their own bodies or because they are infatuated or simply influenced with the idea of identifying as a Woman so you can run away from the responsibilities that come with identifying with your own masculinity. I thought my livelihood was at stake because I depended on what others thought about me. If people can’t trust me to stand up for myself then what else do I have? If people don’t want to associate with me for my beliefs then I must create work for myself. I’m an educated, black born biological woman who bleeds once a month from my vagina and is tired of being expressionless and scared to THINK. This is how I feel and if you don’t like it then you can either try having a decent conversation with me about it or get dismissed because I learned in school my WHOLE LIFE that fundamentally there are 2 genders. Man and Woman that have 2 separate ways of thinking, acting and functioning no matter what and if you want to be addressed differently because YOU believe otherwise then don’t get upset when people who have been taught that there are only 2 genders for their entire lives become genuinely concerned and confused and curious. Women are NOT costumes and I’m disappointed in my generation for being a bunch of insensitive, sensitive judgmental pricks with poor socializing skills. A phobia is an anxiety disorder brought on by fear of an object or situation and that’s an accurate description of what I'm feeling.


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