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Henry Cavill


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Henry Cavill grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands, in the United Kingdom. Jersey is where his parents reside, but Henry makes his home in London, Los Angeles and Jersey. He has four brothers, three older and one younger. Cavill credits his siblings as the reason he has stayed so down-to-earth. "Having brothers who are bigger, hairier and been around longer than me [keeps me grounded]!"

Cavill went to boarding school at Stowe School, which is located in Buckingham, England. While attending Stowe, he appeared in several plays and musicals, including A Midsummer Night's Dream, Grease and 40 Minutes(which he also directed). "In prep school, I really learned to love the stage. When you step out from the wings and into the lights, there's this incredible rush of adrenaline and fear and anticipation; it's just something else, it really is."

It was while he was at Stowe that he was discovered by casting directors looking for a young boy to play Albert Mondego in Touchstone Pictures' The Count of Monte Cristo. "They were looking for a boarding school boy and luckily, I happened to look right for the part and I had a bit of acting experience, and that's were it all kind of kicked off."

Since then he has appeared in a several well-known movies, such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Hellraiser: Hellworld, I Capture the Castle, Tristan + Isolde, Stardust and the upcoming Joel Schumacher film, Creek. But Cavill is most well-known as Charles Brandon, the best friend to King Henry the 8th and the lover of ladies on Showtime's original series, The Tudors.

Michael Hirst, writer/producer on Showtime's The Tudors has said, "Henry is very beautiful. My daughters are all desperate to marry him. Henry Cavill is going to be a great film star. I don't think there is going to be any doubt about that."

Recently, Cavill was featured in Vanity Fair's "Hollywood’s Next-Gen Men" article and was selected as a "Rising Star" by Access Hollywood. Others have taken notice of Cavill as well: US Weekly profiled Henry as one of hottest men in its "TV's New Top 10 Dream Men" article in the April 8, 2008 issue. Interview magazine predicted Henry as "the kind of [actor] you [want] to watch grow" and for audiences "to keep an eye out for him" in the April 2008 collector's issue.

Cavill has recently been cast in the Untitled Woody Allen Project, which is set to begin filming in New York and to be released in 2009.










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