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Idina Menzel


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Idina Menzel (born Idina Kim Mentzel on May 30, 1971 in New York City) is an American actress, singer and songwriter who is best known for her Tony Award-winning performance in Wicked and her Tony-nominated performance in Rent.


She changed her name from "Mentzel" to "Menzel" because people would always mispronounce it.

Menzel was childhood friends with fellow costar of Rent, Adam Pascal. In fact, after Menzel was cast in the show, her boyfriend at the time suggested that Pascal, who had just broken up with his long-time band, audition as well. He did and immediately secured the role of Roger.

Beginning in high school and throughout college, Menzel often played and sang at weddings. She grew up in Syosset, New York and graduated from Syosset High School. Menzel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

While in Rent, Menzel met her future husband, actor Taye Diggs, who played the role of Benny. The two were married on January 11, 2003.


Her professional life changed greatly when she auditioned for a rock musical based upon Puccini's La Boh

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