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Does Anyone Know...


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Hi nice to meet you all, my name is London and this is my 1st post here. :wave:

Does anyone know the identity of this model/video hunk? He was featured in Mis-Teeq's music videos for Why? and Can't Get It Back, and also featured in the Sugababes' video for Too Lost In You. I have been trying to find out who he is and if anyone can help I will be really glad.


Here are some pics...I will upload more if possible...




Also if you want to see the videos he is in...

Mis-Teeq - Why?


Mis-Teeq - Can't Get It Back


Sugababes - Too Lost In You

Hope all that can help! Thanks in advance! :drool:

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Here is another pic 4 u all u ppl who think he is hot and plz tell me his name, i need more pics of him


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OMG how did you find that pic? we have to search for more and I have to ask Keisha who he is, Im sure she will defo help us out.

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Keisha told me that she is his friend on her myspace profile, all she told me was that his name was Daniel and that he is somewhere amongst her friend space, which would be a ton. Ive been trying to search but have had no luck?

Will somebody else be willing to help?

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