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Alina Hoven

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Interview Series “Red-Hot Right Now” by Alfred Kerbs



We know very little about the young Alina Hoven. Her avid youth photos and her fragile and timeless beauty have caught the attention of many people in the fashion world. Miss Hoven – barely 19 yo – has been the main model in different fashion editorials and publications becoming one of the faces that, for sure, we are going to see everywhere in a few months. Cool elegant girl from today and tomorrow, from Minsk, Alina Hoven!


Sometimes, in movies and tv series, redhead characters seem to be surrounded by a special, magical and – sometimes – naughty and rebel atmosphere.

How did you feel when you were a little girl?

It does not depend if I am a little girl or an old woman, miracle is always around me.


What was your nickname when you were little? Is someone still calling you like that in a loving way?

In early school I was too ugly and sometimes people compared me with red animals. They even made small verses on this theme. Now people call me ‘red’ more often than Alina, but it is pronounced in a kind voice. Sometimes they even ask me is it is not painful for me.


Who is your favourite redhead person – in real life or in fiction?

I haven’t got red hair favourites. Because I don’t look through them. I think Alice in Wonderland is the example of red character and surroundings, but I even don’t know what colour she has, if it is blond or brown it was mistaken. Red for sure.


How would you define your redhead colour?

Hmhmhm. It is hard to say. I have never thought about my hair so much. But my grandpa told me that I have that colour because in the childhood my head was cooked in the husk of onions.


Did you ever think about changing your hair colour?

Of course I thought. When I was twelve, I painted part of my hair in black. Now sometimes I want to be blond, but I’m not thinking about it right now. I also think about my granny and other relatives, that would kill me.


People with red head and blue eyes is one of the less frequent combination in the world.

Do you think these characteristics have somehow determined your life?

People look at me and think that I am a piece of art or an architecture or something like that, sometimes they can’t realize that nothing differs me from them, that space is not my home and that my soul is still with me.


Do you remember your first sunglasses?

In my early school time, I was needed to be the head of the concert. But the night before a mosquito bite in the eye. My eye was so big that my mother bought me my first brown sunglasses.


Which Alfred Kerbs did you choose? Why?

I chose the Paul green model. I think it doesn’t need explanation. Each red head girl must to have wide robe with green things. Also, of course I chose them, because of their strong look.


You did some work as a model, how was your first experience modelling?

I don’t think that I am a model. But sometimes I have shootings. My first experience was with that girl that found me on the street when I was 16 years old. It was Nastya Kit. My love.


You are just 19, what would you do for a living (career)?

I know nothing about my future. But I am sure all will be perfect. Like most of people, I just want change places many, many times in my life and never stay alone when I need somebody.


How is your daily life in Minsk?

My daily life in Minsk is so boring and useless, so I’m always trying to leave. I try to find music in other countries. For sure, I love my city, but I will love it more when I will be 50 years old, but now I just want some space and more movement.


If you could choose a city to move to, which one would you choose?

Now my dream is Spain and Istanbul. But I think it won’t became a reality very soon. I need sun, it makes nations happier.


What are you planning to do next summer and winter?

I never plan anything. I can go through the street and decide to go to another town, city without baggage and money. It fills in empty parts of my life.



Natalia Vodianova



Nicolas Jaar



Julio Medem








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*other models pictured: Olga Zapivokhina, Vaquel Tyies & Anna Lisa

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