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Ki Toy Johnson


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Ki Toy Johnson is a Hip-Hop model, actress, and business woman from Peoria, Illinois.

Ki Toy Johnson is often approached by women asking her about her body. In a King magazine interview, she explained women asked her for advice about her appearance, and oftentimes, she would be kind enough to respond. Even in public places such as nail shops, she often shows "...people how to do exercises for their rear ends." Despite the request for personal information, she explains she is not bothered by such questions. At 135lbs, and with the measurements of 36-22-36, and a height of 5'2", she is often approached with such questions.

She does take her appearance serious, and makes sure she maintains her looks. Supporting the idea of regularly exercising, she says "Even though you have a big butt, if you don't do your squats it'll sag" in an XXL interview. For this reason, she exercises five days a week, leaving one day for rest, and Sunday for church.

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