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While I was searching for something else, I came across this guy :wub2:

The site was in a different language so I couldn't find out who he is.

If any of you know who he is or recognize the pics, could you please tell me? I'm sorry there aren't that many and some of the pics aren't that good but thats all there was.

Thank you so much! :)

17fp9.th.jpg 11gq3.th.png 21ia3.th.jpg

pics from ballade.no

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Because he's not a model. He is Norwegian musician Ihsahn. You can go to his site here

I think he is gorgeous, too. He's also very intelligent and a great musician. Have I made your day? :laugh:

btw, can someone please move this to the appropriate place?

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Me likey as well :heart: I know he use to play in the band Emperor...I don't know that much about him, haven't done my research yet :D

So yeah this is definitely in the wrong place! But I see how one could make the mistake ;)

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