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    Trampolining, singing in the shower, playing soccer without a ball, fashion, braiding peoples' hair, making others laugh & having a laugh myself, music, and goofery!

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  1. christinaP

    A Weird Topic

    Ok, so that isn't the best Shagrath pic lol...I think he's cute without the corpse paint and whatever it is he wears on his arms This is just as scary... http://ser8.imgdump.net/images/10312006/s8...e5c7ec972f7.bmp Do you know who Rob Darken is? If you do and you aren't laughing at me... :shock:
  2. Because he's not a model. He is Norwegian musician Ihsahn. You can go to his site here I think he is gorgeous, too. He's also very intelligent and a great musician. Have I made your day? btw, can someone please move this to the appropriate place?
  3. Kezman is awesome. I actually really liked him when he played for Chelsea. He's an awesome player. I thought he was kind of hot, but sometimes he reminds me of an elf. I don't know, maybe I'm just odd
  4. I like him. He's a great player. I had the pleasure of seeing him practice and play a game when AC Milan came to the States a few years back. I even got his autograph :brows:
  5. I looooooove Wentworth Miller. As well as some guys most have never heard of. Ihsahn, Kris Rygg, Vintersorg...especially Ihsahn. My God, that guy is walking perfection
  6. Brad Pitt. Oh, how I find him ever so irritating. There are others, but mostly Brad Pitt.
  7. christinaP

    A Weird Topic

    lol why is that funny? I thought people would laugh at my Rob Darken crush! I know he looks ridiculous. But he's hot. And has a sword. And that's sexy. Oh. And he's also in my avatar.
  8. christinaP

    A Weird Topic

    Satyr from Satyricon, Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir, and... Rob Darken from Graveland
  9. Grrr... can't do this print screen doesn't work But they look cool
  10. I like her too , Russy! Will find more picks but I need more time cuz I have to work on an assignment. See ya upstairs!
  11. Hello! Welcome! I'm new here, too
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