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Steve Harts Bio was written by Teresa Sutherby, Jo Buckland.

London born Steve Hart was chosen by pop guru Simon Cowell ( Mr Nasty of TVs Pop Idol and American Idol) to become a member of a pop group called Worlds Apart, and signed a record deal with Arista BMG.

Worlds Apart released their first album in the U.K. and after a number of concert tours and regular television appearances, the band became hugely popular in Europe, where they signed a record deal with EMI.

Steve soon became the lead singer and song writer for the band. After winning Best Newcomers at the prestigious Bravo Supershow, Worlds Apart quickly became the biggest boyband in Germany and were regularly supported by the Backstreet Boys and *NSync.

Worlds Aparts success continued all over Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia.

Due to their massive success, Worlds Apart represented France in the World Music Awards and also broke merchandise records in every concert hall in the country in the biggest ever French tour.

With number one singles and albums under their belt the band sold well over 10 million records. One album sold over a million in France alone.

At a record store signing on the Champs Elysees, more people turned up than for Michael Jackson.

Worlds Aparts Baby Come Back became the No1 airplay hit in Germany and Russia!, and the song was used as the theme on Brazils biggest TV soap.

The band undertook two tours of the Far East, covering Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In Germany the band featured on national phone cards and their own brand of 'Capri-Sonne' orange juice was on sale in supermarkets. In France the band featured in the movie Les Visiteurs 2 and they released songs in Spanish, French, German - and even Polish !

Worlds Aparts success led to them filming 26 music videos and 7 long- form video releases and the sale of 138 different types of commercially released Worlds Apart products including such varied items as swimwear, sunglasses, bubblegum, lamps, bedlinen, footwear, motorbikes, cameras, luggage, watches, jewellery, etc.,etc.,etc. Worlds Apart photo machines and sticker machines were even positioned at airports and train stations.

The biggest European candy manufacturer HARIBO produced jellied sweets in the shape of the bands members heads. As well as the official Worlds Apart magazine and numerous unofficial magazines, there was a Steve Hart magazine called Steve sold in newsagents.

The band even launched the Millenium in Paris.

Steve is an accomplished songwriter, and wrote almost all of the Worlds Apart hits.

One song was used as the theme for the German TV series Gegen Den Wind another on the TV commercial for Disneyland each Christmas, and he also wrote the lead track for the European release of the second Casper movie.

He has also written numerous hits for other artists, including Liberty X, recent UK No 1.

He has worked with major producers in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Los Angeles and Sydney.

Steve has natural star quality and an outgoing personality, not to mention his looks!

He was voted Sexiest Man In Europe for 3 years running.

The history of his previous success, and his many supporters within the media worldwide guarantee immediate interest within TV, radio and press in many markets.

Recently, German and French tabloids including the biggest French tabloid Voici ran a story on Steves plan to base himself in Los Angeles to concentrate on his acting, following the completion of his course at Londons Webber Douglas Acting School and his 2 year Meisner course at the Actors Temple.

Steve has also continued to develop his very considerable vocal talent, he has recorded strong new solo material, and his performance skills have been honed from many years of appearing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans.

For more Steve Hart please check:

-Wildplum Network

-Steve Hart News website(unofficial)



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