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Ellone Andreea





Ellone Andreea is a young model , photographer and stylist from Romania, she is a very crative soul and you probably head about  her pictures and vídeos but now , take a few minutes to learn a bit more about her and her goals.


1 – How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself to be kind of a shy person, but that changes drastically once I get to know someone and feel comfortable around them. Because of that, I’m quite private when it comes to my life in general and don’t open up easily.
I’m also definitely a dreamer; I feel my best when I’m submerged in the fantastic worlds of movies, books and video games. I believe that’s also why I love modeling. I can dress up and pretend to be wherever my imagination takes me.

2 -When and how did you start modeling, specially Alternative/goth modeling?

Not too long ago actually, I remember my first attempt was in January of 2018, when I created my first fantasy inspired photoshoot. I believe it was a natural evolution from blogging. I used to do a lot of outfit pictures for my old blog, but nothing too elaborate. That first photoshoot was what started it all; a cold, windy, winter day and me dragging my boyfriend to a secluded location so he can snap some pictures of my frozen self.

3-Do you feel connected to the alternative community in your country and would you tell us a bit more about it?

Unfortunately, not too much. I believe it’s firstly because I work a lot and almost never go out and secondly, because the alternative community in Romania is not that big and it’s quite scattered all over the country. I have met some pretty awesome people from the community online
though, and hope to actually meet face to face at some point. It was totally different when I was in Athens (my hometown). There’s a huge community there and many clubs one can go to and interact with likeminded individuals. I hope to one day see the same kind of community here!

4 – Can you tell us a bit of the story behind the modeling name “Ellone Andreea”?

Of course! Well, Andreea is my actual name and Ellone is a nickname I’ve been using for as long as I can remember. I “stole” it from my favorite video game, Final Fantasy VIII. She is a character that possesses some peculiar powers over time and can influence the past. I was really mesmerized by that when I was a little girl and it somehow stuck with me over the years.

5 – Could you tell us a bit more about your project “Preaty Lies” ?

Pretty Lies was the name of my first blog. I used to write a lot about the things that inspired me, movie and book reviews and outfit pictures. Pretty Lies can be credited for doing what I do today, because that’s where I first interacted with many ladies and exchanged ideas and somehow, got pretty well known in the international alternative community. There are still some articles online in which my old blog is featured. I have people say they’ve been following me since then and I’m so extremely happy to know! Unfortunately, the blog does not exist anymore, but I do have one called Look The Other Way, and sometimes write there, but more so, I keep it as an official website.

6 – Does being also a photographer and stylist influence you as a model, if so how?

Yes, it totally does, both positively and negatively, I believe. I need to mention that I only sometimes shoot my self-portraits, all other shots are created through the lens of my boyfriend. I’m truly fortunate to have him follow me around to different locations and under any weather condition to snap pictures. Being a stylist and a retoucher though, does mean that I have total control over what the concept is, what I will be wearing, how I will pose and what the final picture looks like. On the other hand, it’s quite difficult to be in charge of every single aspect and I do struggle sometimes.

7 – In a world of alternative modeling, every model is her own brand. What makes you stand out?

I’m not too sure, although I do believe it’s the romantic “maiden in distress” type of look that I strive to bring forth.

8 – You do many different types of photoshoots, do you have a favorite genre of photography?

I do have a favorite! My favorite type of photography is fantasy. I try to mix it up though and not do just that, because I’ve had fans ask me for different things and there are also brands I work with, whose aesthetics are catered more towards casual-fashion and I try to conform.

9- Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out?

Most definitely! I always have ongoing projects or things I strive to do at some point. For example I really wish to model in an underwater setting. It would really be challenging and I am always up for a challenge! Hope it does happen soon!
I am also secretly working on a huge conceptual project that will launch later this year. I hope everything works out and I can announce it soon!

10 – Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have someone that you look up to?

I find inspiration everywhere! In movies, books and even music! Everything sparks an idea and I almost always write them down so as to not forget about them. I do wish I had the time and resources to act upon every single idea… Of course, I also have people I look up to! I really admire the work of photographer Lillian Liu for example, she always inspires me and it’s a wish of mine to one day possibly work with her. I am also a big fan of artist Victoria Frances. Her work is otherworldly!

11 – What do you consider to be your biggest career highlights so far?

Every single wonderful comment I receive counts are a step forward for me, and I really appreciate all of my followers. It’s due to them that I was able to grow so fast over the past year.
Working with big brands such as Punk Rave is also a big accomplishment. Having any brand’s trust fills me with immense joy and it keeps me motivated through the hard days.
I was also able to open my own little merch shop on Etsy and was so happy to receive such positive feedback!
And of course, being an official promoter of M’era Luna Festival is huge! I never thought I’d ever be there and now it’s happening.

12 – What can we expect from you in the future? What are your biggest goals in life?

One can never know what happens in the future, but the only thing you can count on is me working hard to better myself and accomplish my biggest dream: to be a full time creator.

13 – Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without?

I do! I really enjoy crafting and I often work on the costumes I wear myself. It’s wonderful to be able to create something you’ve imagined and to see it come to life through modeling and photography.
I also enjoy gaming a lot! It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, since my time is limited and I almost always have a lot of things to do and plan. But one can rest and enjoy a game from time to time, right?

14 – Name three things you simply cannot go without every single day.

My family and friends, definitely! They make my days on our wonderful planet the best ever. My boyfriend, who is not only the funniest person I know, but a great support; he always encourages me and that’s priceless. And lastly, music. Music feeds my mind and soul.

15 – You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?

Thank you! I am quite a minimalist in my day to day life. I almost always wear full black outfits, but with asymmetric cuts and lots of layering. If it’s not full black, I add accents such as white shirts or weird jewelry pieces to spice things up. You can either catch me in my Dr. Martens in winter time and my Converse during summer; never in heels. I’d definitely characterize my style as a modern-minimal-gothic look.

16 – Well, I don’t wanting to abuse your time, just one last question; You have many fans out there. What message would you like leave for them?

I really want them to know that I am grateful for their support! Every single comment and message keeps me going forward and they’re responsible for me being where I am today. They made a little bullied duckling turn into a dark swan. I want everyone to know that no matter how hard it may seem, you should always keep working hard for your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, because you are just perfect! Work hard, look forward, listen to your intuition! Love you all!


J_4xp7XI.jpg il_fullxfull.1726386726_cglo.jpg images.jpg d5605dd9316c491b6c5bb79919596d43.jpg Ellone-Andreea-Blood-Red.jpg Ellone-Andreea-Sweets-to-the-sweet.jpg Ellone-Andreea-Vermilion.jpg
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Sienna Sally





Sienna Sally is a super enthusiastic young woman who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Just take a bit of time and get to know this amazing young lady that will for sure amazes all very soon.


1.How would you describe yourself? 

Hello, first of all, thanks for the opportunity, I love your page and your work.

So, let’s go to the difficult part describing myself … I am a person who likes to be alone, it is not feeling alone, but being alone. We can say that I am a little anti-social, but I believe it is only in phases. I am very close to my family. I love the arts. I am stubborn, I have a bad temper. But I am true and faithful to myself and mine friends. I’m a friend of my friend. I am very protective, anxious, observant and frontal. When I am with friends or family, I am the clown, simply because I like to see people smiling around me, especially those I like a lot. If a friend or family member is not well, I don’t rest, I do everything to help them. I put my problems aside to focus on helping others.

I don’t have much way to describe myself but this is what I know.

2.When did you start with your modeling career and what lead you to Alternative/goth modeling? 

If I’m not mistaken, it started in 2009/2010. At the time, a great friend of mine, Pinky, was learning to photograph people. And she needed someone to train. So I used to model to help her. With the training I started to find it funny, because she chose many funny themes, but all within the Dark style, because we both already had an alternative style.

And it’s funny because I didn’t even like people taking pictures of me before.

A few years later, a cousin of mine created a project, called cupcakes models. It was more of a pin-up project. So they also did a lot of photos and parades. From there I started to be invited by more photographers and over time I gained more and more taste in photography, because it made me feel good and loosen up more. Yes because I was really shy.

Of course, I tried photography in other styles … But what really identified me was the Gothic style. The other styles didn’t even look at the photos much because I didn’t feel like myself. It’s hard to explain ahah,

3.Do you feel connected to the alternative lifestyle, and how is that like on your country?

Yes, without a doubt I feel connected, nor does it make sense to me to be otherwise. The style here in Portugal, in my opinion in relation to many other countries, is not bad at all. That is, it is even well accepted. From my personal experience.

I also confess that there are not many people who even use the Gothic (Victorian) style as they do it in other countries.

But the basic Gothic and all the alternative in general, it is even well accepted.

It wasn’t always like this when I was younger people from my own age, (teenagers) gave me a hard time. But it didn’t affect me because luckily, despite being a little shy, I always had my rebellious and myself confident side.

As an adult, of course there are still some looks of disapproval, usually from older people, But still nothing I can’t handle? 

4.Why the modeling name Sienna Sally, can you tell us the story behind that name?

I like my name, I just don’t like using it on social media. So I thought of a name that comes from the source of my real one.  I really wanted to have an artistic name, both for the model and for the music field.

5.I know you do more than just modeling. You do your own hair and make-up, so you must love to be involved in all the backstage creative work. Can you tell us a bit how that works for you?

Yes, I really love it! Since I was a little girl I saw my mother putting on makeup, so I learned the basics from her. It goes without saying that since I was very young I started doing my makeup ahahah. Then my mom and aunts have a beauty salon, so I grew up in that environment and learned a lot from them.

When I started with my friend in photography, we invented hairstyles and make-up, and that really gave me a lot of pleasure, preparing everything and then

after seeing the results.

Meanwhile, a few years later, I started to participate in Photography events where I already included makeup artists and hairdressers.

The problem is that every time it was someone else putting on my makeup and not me, I didn’t feel well. In fact, I felt horrible, the pictures were terrible for me. My face was strange. I have small eyes, and I already know what to do to look good. So became a little annoying on that department and I don’t let anyone else put on my makeup on.

 I started going to those events already in makeup. Until one day the event organization invited me to do makeup for other models.

I loved it without a doubt it is an area that I have immense pleasure. I have no course, but it is something on my to do list.

6.Every model has her own brand (the thing that makes her stand out), what do you think your brand is? 

My versatility (I really do very different types of photoshoots), my commitment and my motivation to go further. Every time I get involved in a project I give my all, I give it 100%. Pure heart and soul


7.We can see you in many different types of photos but do you favor any genre of modeling more than another? 

I never thought I would ever say this. But I love lingerie and sensual photography. I love lingerie, corsets, sexy dreses. But lingerie in the Gothic style in a dark environment is what is top for me.

8.For you, what makes a picture perfect?

For me what makes a picture perfect is: 

Communication between the model and the photographer (very important)

Preparing everything in advance, all with time.

Be sure of what you want

Respect and trust.

Apart from that, good photography material, beautiful outfits and good makeup


9.Do you have a favorite photoshoot from all the ones you already done, one that left you with good memories? 

With good memories I have a lot, fortunately. With my friend Pinky were it all began.

But lately the Photo session that I liked the most are  the sensual lingerie sessions with the photographer Peter Karbs with the Gothic and Amazing  on the project Apov ️ , and keep tuned because there are a lot more to come  

10.Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out? Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have and idol, someone that you look up to for? 

I loved doing a more hardcore lingerie session, maybe something inspired by the classic Harley Queen (some planning for that is already in motion). 

About idols, without a doubt there is a model that I follow and I admire a lot Riya Albert


11.You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’? 

Like many gothic girls, I wear the killstar brand a lot. But I have days, because I am also very sporty that I just put on a training suit and some sneakers but I do love short dresses and mini skirts something sexy but comfortable.

12.Now there’s one more surprise about you that I know of. You are also a great singer. So what is your great passion, modeling or singing? Or do you think they end up complementing each other?  

I used to make a lot of music, really a lot and it was like that for a few years. But the music made me a little frustrated, because I could only write a song lyrics during my anxiety phases … I don’t know why, but I only knew how to really express myself when I was not well. In other words, all the music I wrote, I created characters to represent my emotions, and in the fight against anxiety. And then I couldn’t hear my own music because it touched me so much that I started to cry.

Also in, in every project was in I feel  I was never recognized for my work… Which led me to a lot of frustration. I love singing, and thast hasn’t disappeared, but to be honest I left it a little behind.

Photography just makes me feel good. So I prefer the model area right now. I know what I like and what I want to represent now. There is no confusion 

13.What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?

I think this moment right now, when I’m considered a good alternative model, Is very good to be finally recognized by my hard work and is makes me be super proud to be here  were I’m giving an interview that I hope will inspire other girls .

DSC3181 Edit Edit Edit
DSC3191 Edit
DSC3127 Edit
DSC3168 Edit
DSC3181 Edit Edit Edit
DSC3191 Edit

14.After all that what more can we expect seeing you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?  

My main goal now is to reach as  many people as I can, to be recognized as a good model, I want to be a model for some brands that I follow. And I want to be a person who can inspire many others and help in whatever way I can. Mainly on the topic of anxiety, depression. Because I know that it is still a topic that many people devalue, and that there are more and more people with these problems and who feel abandoned and hopeless. I want to help! And one thing that makes me feel human is to help others. So I want to be able to have the “voice” to address these issues in order to help. 

15.Do you have any hobby, something you really enjoy doing just for fun? 

To dance! I really love to dance! Ahahah but I only do it to amuse or express myself, it is not something that takes seriously or wants to follow, but it is an Exercise that makes me super good.

16.Name three things you simply cannot live without every single day?  

Sugar , music, perfume, ahahah there’s more, but those three are the one that popped in my mind right away.

17.So to end … You know you have many fans out there What do you like to say to them?

FIRST of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the support and the daily strength you all give me with nothing in return. It is genuine and I highly value it. Mainly because I am not known (I don’t have a huge name), and my fans follow and support me tirelessly because they really like and understand all my hard work. And for also making me believe in myself and that it makes sense to continue to strive for my goal.

And I also want to say, that in whatever I can do , I want to inspire each of you to achieve your goals regardless of the situation you may be in.

Because anything is possible! It doesn’t have to be easy, it doesn’t have to be overnight. But if you continue, you can. And do it without going over anyone, there’s room for everyone

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On 7/6/2020 at 2:03 AM, Holymacaroni said:

Thats's a lot more information than i post.

Gothicandamazing.com is a good source when you looking for alternative Models. :)



definitely but  not only ) Now there are a lot of cool alternative fashion brands that are looking for the dark beauties,  not  standard models) There are a lot of festivals, groups, magazines, etc. for an alternative audience. The attitude towards subcultures has changed a lot, now it is not perceived as something terrible. People are not afraid to be different and it’s very cool! 

Thank you for thread🌼


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❤️Lady Amaranth❤️

00s Goth Icon 







Posted on April 1, 2014
The Gothic Fashion Icon from London

Cover credits: Photo by Jamie Mahon Photography & Design

Lady Amaranth is an amazing and beautiful goth model from London, UK , her work is well known by many she’s became a Goth icon for goth fashion but even with all her work she toke the time to give us this interview showing all how Goth can really mean Amazing.

1. How would you describe yourself?
As a little girl trapped in a woman’s body forced to live in a world that makes very little sense to her.

2. How did modeling came into your life?
By chance really. I never considered myself to be “model material” (and still debate that fact  but enjoyed adorning myself with all the beauty of the gothic and fantasy realms. A great photographer from America spotted some snaps of me and asked if she could take my picture when she was over in London. Her work was amazing so I couldn’t refuse. It was quite strange being the sole focus of a room full of  people and having “act naturally”, but after seeing the results and being asked by my designer friends to model for them, I eventually got the hang of it and now love the stories I can create through this medium.

3. Why Alternative modeling , do you feel in any way related to Alternative Goth sub-culture ?
Most definitely. I was a Goth long before I even thought of doing photo-shoots. I was a very awkward teenager and never really fitted in. When I was around 16 I discovered Goth (it was very underground in South Africa where I grew up) and that’s when things started to make a little more sense to me and I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I fell in love with the Gothic world, and it was only natural that when I started modelling I would reflect that beauty in my images.


4. You are an inspiration to many models, i must say you are an inspiration to me as well because you do represent the amazing and beautiful part of Goth , So where do you get your inspiration from?
I am deeply honoured every time someone says that. There are so many people and things I admire and draw from that it humbles me to think someone may feel the same about me. I get my inspiration from stories, music and art – the fantastical worlds that these artists dream up has always been a source of enlightenment for me. Since being very young I would dream that I was in each painting or movie I saw – now I create the pictures to make it so. Other inspirations I draw from are the scene itself. Going to somewhere like WGT and seeing all the amazingly beautiful goths, they inspire me to no end.


5. You have so many amazing pictures with beautiful dresses and make-ups so Whats your favorite type of photo-shoot ?
I would say it’s one that tells a story. I like my fantasy shoots the most.

6. Tell us a bit about backstage , do you still have fun making the pictures our now its all more serious ?
I must say the process of making photo-shoots is actually quite a painstaking one. I don’t always enjoy it – early mornings, long days, cumbersome clothing. But there is no art without pain, the effort that goes into the shoots from all parties are the reason they turn out the way they do.

7. Why the name Lady Amaranth?
I first read the name “Amaranth” in a short story called “Lady of the Skulls” by Patricia A McKillip. The heroine appealed to me and I was intrigued by the name.

On further research I discovered its meaning – a mythical flower which never fades – and felt it resonated with me and all I try to do through photography – to create an everlasting glimpse of intangible perfection.


8. I must say that the name fits you like a glove then  You are like a queen in goth World , you have been published several times you represent some of the best Goth brands , how does that make you feel ?
I always find that sort of thing very strange to hear someone say. At the end of the day, I’m just a girl who loves Goth and likes to create pictures, I never expected a crown. It’s an amazing compliment that people would think I deserve one – but I think they should also look at themselves and recognize that they too are a Queen of their world. No one is really more special than anyone else. Sure, some people are better at certain things, but then there are other things they won’t be good at. And besides no Queen exists without her subjects – it is her subjects that make her.

9. You are also one of the favorite models to photo art work , do you like to see your pictures being used in so many artistic ways ?
Most certainly, I have a collection of photographs that have been approved by some of my photographers which I send out to people for exactly that reason (because as you know copyright exists on all photos and it’s against the law to edit someone’s photo without permission of the photographer). Yes i do know that and its very sad to see pictures being used with no credits to the ones that work on them …


10. I know you are  still young but did you reach most of your goals in life our do you still have more to fight for?
I’m perhaps not as young as you may imagine  My main goal in life – which I honestly never thought I’d achieve – was to find someone to complete me, to fall in life with the perfect man. And I married him last year – all other achievements from here on are just a bonus.


11. I guess we are all a bit curious about, how do you dress in your everyday life?
I tend to dress quite basically – a long black skirt and black top. In summer I love maxi dresses and sandals. I like to be comfortable and like to keep my more dressy clothes for special occasions so I can enjoy them more. Plus I think people need to dress for their occasion and environment. Full black makeup, back-combed hair, a corset and crinoline is not exactly appropriate for a trip to the supermarket or family gathering.

12. What would you advice to starting models  that  want to be like you some day?
I would say that’s a difficult question. Because either someone wants to be a model or someone wants to be like me. I’m not a successful model – to be one you need to be much taller and thinner and be far more versatile. If you want to be like me – then I’d say choose you passion and follow it unequivocally. Decide what you believe and value and remain true to it.

13. I Could keep on asking you tones of questions but knowing how busy you are  what would you like  say to all your fans that support you and follow your work?
Thank you – from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love each one of my creations, but without someone to appreciate my art and effort, it is only half a story.


401474_10150617023854361_715330512_n.jpg 48aa702556ae8.jpg 4925eddaa1dc1.jpg 4bbce40b8ae11.jpg 48960b1a09c94.jpg 4957c95863e71.jpg 4a17023ff16c3.jpg 493ab9997bba6.jpg 4db82df4b9e51.jpg 4db830d7e9731.jpg 550c705d94a9c.jpg 1_WUAPgoU4I7mcrDp27EtCbA.jpeg i.jpg unnamed.jpg 520c0c87cfd3cc17a81760e2088ede84.jpg meraluna-2019.png Lady_Amaranth_by_Le-croix_400x400.jpg AD13.jpg maxresdefault.jpg 1505616_10152090984124361_394949783_n.jpg
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