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Laura Ramsey


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5' 4" (1.63 m)


biography ....From IMDb

Laura Ramsey is the Hollywood story personified. Fresh out of Laconia High School in Rosendale Wisconsin, she came west to seek her fortune and was discovered while waiting tables in a Los Angeles restaurant on Sunset Blvd. Sent out on her first audition shortly thereafter, for a feature film, she landed the role.

Ramsey is currently filming the lead role opposite Amanda Bynes in DreamWorks' She's The Man. On screen now, she co-stars as `Gabrielle' in director Catherine Hardwicke's film Lords of Dogtown for Sony Pictures' Screen Gems. Written by Stacy Peralta, the films ensemble cast includes; Emile Hirsch, Heath Ledger, Nikki Reed and Rebecca De Mornay, amongst others.

In addition to Lords of Dogtown, she will next be seen in Dimension Films' The Reaper, in September 2005. The Reaper is from the creator of Scream and the director of I know what you did last summer, centered on a group of teenagers fighting for their lives in the swamps of Louisiana. It is a movie the audience, particularly the industry, will look at because of the young talent... also starring, but not limited to, Agnes Bruckner, Bijou Phillips, Method Man.

Also, Ramsey has completed filming the lead role in Maverick Film's Cruel World. In television, she was a series regular on the ABC sitcom The Days.





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