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Who knows the name of this handsome red haired stock model

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Cuca    0

I've been looking for the name of this cutie for days, but unfornunately, I didn't succeeded.

I know that he is a stock model; his pictures are at 123RF, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, etc. At these sites, the author is credited as "stockyimages", and by a quick Google search I learned that the photographer behind this nickname is called Ishay Botbol, and that's it.


It can't be possible that no one knows his name (there's 11 pages only with his pictures, so his not an unknown model), so help me to find the guy, please!


More photos of him here. ~~crossing fingers to someone know it-


PS: Stock websties should show the model's names -or this isn't allowed? If so, why?

m.jpg 51879632-homme-d-tendu-obtenir-un-massage-du-visage-au-spa-de-jour-Banque-d'images.jpg 23783180-Joyeux-gars-pointant-vers-la-cam-ra-Banque-d'images.jpg 26325542-Mod-le-masculin-Torse-nu-avec-un-corps-muscl--Banque-d'images.jpg 27673291-Jeune-homme-regardant-la-cam-ra-avec-les-bras-crois-s-Banque-d'images.jpg 27673307-Image-recadr-e-de-type-l-gant-regarde-au-loin-Banque-d'images.jpg a3.jpg smile.jpg

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