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Sonia Sieff

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44 minutes ago, pumar said:

Well, I read the list and I want to believe...

List of models

Alba - Sculptor
Alice – Painter & Movie Director
Alix (Thomsen) - Decorator
Allégria (Torassa) – Fashion Designer
Anna (Cleveland) - Model
Aurélia (Bellet) - Dancer
Camille (Bidault Waddington) - Stylist
Camille M – Jewelry Designer
Cécile (Cassel) - Singer
Charlène – Fashion Studio Director
Charlotte - Screenwriter & movie Director
Cindy (Bruna) - Model
Clotilde - Chef
Constance (Rebholz) – CEO of a Fashion Brand
Élodie (Bouchez) – Actress
Emilie – Adviser in Art
Hélène (Fillières ) – Screenwriter & Actress
Joséphine (De La Baume)– Singer & Actress
Laura (Harrier) - Actrice
Loulou (Robert) – Writer & Model
Lubna – Actress & Movie Director
Marie - Model
Marine - Blogger
Misia - Actress
Nadine (Strittmatter) - Model
Natacha (Ramsay-Levi) – Fashion Designer
Oda – Sculptor & Painter
Ophélie (Guillermand) - Model
Pauline - Painter
Sara - Composer
Yaz – Fashion Designer
Zoé (Le Ber) – Movie Director

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