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Meg Ryan


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I was searching for a thread with Meg Ryan and so suprised to find it wasn't here. So here it comes:

(Most of the biography thanXx to IMDB)

Birth name

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra


5' 8" (1.73 m)

Mini biography

Blond-haired, blue-eyed with an effervescent personality, Meg Ryan graduated from Bethel high school, Bethel in June 1979. Moving to New York, she attended New York University where she majored in journalism. To earn extra money while working on her degree, Meg went into acting using her new name Meg Ryan. In 1981, she had her big screen debut as Candice Bergen's daughter in George Cukor's last film Rich and Famous (1981). She tried out and was cast as Betsy in the day time television soap "As the World Turns" (1956). She was part of the cast from 1982 to 1984. Meg also had a part in the television series "One of the Boys" (1982), but this show was soon cancelled. In 1984, she moved to tinsel town and landed a job in the western Television Series "Wildside" (1985). With her part in the highly successful movie Top Gun post-1588-0-1446117853-75209_thumb.jpg (1986) Meg became a star with "take me to bed or lose me forever". After Top Gun she made Armed and Dangerous post-1588-0-1446117853-76521_thumb.jpg and Promised Land post-1588-0-1446117853-7943_thumb.jpg. But the role in Top Gun led to Meg being cast in Steven Spielberg's movie Innerspace th_45160_Meg_Ryan_in_Innerspace_122_393lo.jpg (1987) where she co-starred with Dennis Quaid. She again co-starred with Quaid in the remake of D.O.A. th_45225_Meg_Ryan_in_D.O.A._122_446lo.jpg (1988) and they married on Valentine Day in 1991. In 1989, Meg appeared in another blockbuster called When Harry Met Sally... post-1588-0-1446117853-82475_thumb.jpg (1989) and the scene at the restaurant became famous. Meg was nominated for both the Golden Globe and the BAFTA. In 1990, she co-starred with Tom Hanks in Joe Versus the Volcano post-1588-0-1446117853-84511_thumb.jpg (1990) and this time she played three roles as DeDe/Angelica/Patricia. After these movies she worked with Val Kilmer in The Doors post-1588-0-1446117854-06461_thumb.jpg and Alec Baldwin in Prelude to a kiss th_45543_Meg_Ryan_in_Prelude_to_a_Kiss_122_345lo.jpg. She appeared again with Tom in the very successful Sleepless in Seattle post-1588-0-1446117853-87207_thumb.jpg (1993) for which she was again nominated for the Golden Globe. In 1994, Meg decided to act against type when she appeared as the alcoholic wife and mother in When a Man Loves a Woman th_45678_Meg_Ryan_in_When_a_Man_Loves_a_Woman_122_551lo.jpg (1994). After that, she went back to "cute" with both I.Q. post-1588-0-1446117853-88971_thumb.jpg (1994) and French Kiss post-1588-0-1446117853-91048_thumb.jpg (1995). In 1994, Meg won the Harvard Hasty Pudding Award as "Woman of the Year" and was voted as being one of "The 50 most beautiful people in the world 1994" by People Magazine. Next she did Restoration post-1588-0-1446117853-93872_thumb.jpg (1995) and Courage Under Fire post-1588-0-1446117853-96022_thumb.jpg in 1996. She then went to prove that a woman with a broken heart will get revenge in Addicted to love post-1588-0-1446117853-99326_thumb.jpg th_46242_Meg_Ryan_in_Addicted_to_Love_01_122_322lo.jpg post-1588-0-1446117854-0261_thumb.jpg (one of my personal favourites). In 1997 she did the voice of Anastasia in the movie Anastasia, followed by 1998's City of Angels megryanincityofangelsoo4.th.jpg. Quickly after that she worked with Tom Hanks once more on You've Got Mail post-1588-0-1446117854-04439_thumb.jpg.

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Then came Hanging up post-1588-0-1446117868-51998_thumb.jpg post-1588-0-1446117868-53575_thumb.jpg (2000) and Proof of Life post-1588-0-1446117868-70776_thumb.jpg (2000) with Russell Crowe. According to the paparazzi then he was the reason for the divorce between her and Dennis Quaid. They did have a son named Jack Henry. Because of her son it because quiet on the movie front after the movie Kate and Leopold post-1588-0-1446117868-53983_thumb.jpg in 2001. Her next movie would be after two years in 2003 named In the Cut post-1588-0-1446117868-55439_thumb.jpg followed by Against the Ropes post-1588-0-1446117868-56039_thumb.jpg in 2004. She then took some time off again and adopted a baby girl named Daisy True early 2006. The next movie to be released will be In the Land of Women (2006).

Some pictures of Meg found online:

post-1588-0-1446117868-57798_thumb.jpg post-1588-0-1446117868-58785_thumb.jpg post-1588-0-1446117868-59647_thumb.jpg post-1588-0-1446117868-60522_thumb.jpg

post-1588-0-1446117868-63227_thumb.jpg post-1588-0-1446117868-63987_thumb.jpg th_47629_Meg_Ryan_007_122_553lo.jpg post-1588-0-1446117868-65462_thumb.jpg

My own scans:

Magazine: Allure

Country: US

Date: May 2006

Model: Meg Ryan

Photographer: Michael Thompson

Fashion editor: Paul Cavaco

Makeup: Gucci Westman

Hair: Serge Normant for Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon

Manicure: Lisa Postma

Prop stylist: Bill Doig



Silk chiffon dress: J. Mendel


Embroidered and sequined tulle gown: Oscar de la Renta

Makeup: Platinum Colour Surge Eye Shadow Super Shimmer, Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Black Kohl, Spiced Kiss Touch Blush, Shy Beige Glosswear for Lips: Clinique

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