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Simon Hamidavi Rasoulzadeh Moestrup
Heartbreak Modelmanagement, Copenhagen
TWO management, LA
Heartbreak Oslo
Zodiac sign
Scorpio – November the 8th
Odense, Denmark

Height: 189
Bust: 102
Waist: 79
Hips: 97
Shoes: 45
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
How were you discovered?
I was walking down the streets of Copenhagen, when I suddenly was stopped by some of the people from Heartbreak Modelmanagement
What is your favorite part of LA?
My favorite part of LA is without doubt the weather! And of course all of the beautiful girls!
How was it growing up in DENMARK?
Denmark has been a great place growing up. Everything works as it shall, and it’s just really calm and easy-going. But the country is very small, and I’ve missed some excitement there sometimes. And there is not enough sun in Denmark!
Favorite song at the moment
At the moment it’s Ghetto Symphony by A$AP Rocky!
What type of girls do you like
I LOVE brunettes with blue eyes! But a girl has to be outgoing, funny and smiling, and rather true beauty than some sexy bombshell.
If you could date any actress who would it be and why
I really don’t know.. I’m not really obsessed by any actress at the moment. But I would love to date Rihanna!
What turns you on?
I’ve learned that a girl’s face is the most important to me. If the girls face is perfect, then there is no need for an insane body. So a beautiful girl, who is confident and smiling is what turns me on!
Were you the cool kid in school?
I was kinda “fat” when I was younger, but also known as the strong one, so yeah, I was kinda badass, haha!
Cats or dogs?



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