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Chanel Resort 2016 -Seoul

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Chanel Cruise 2016 -Seoul

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Designer Karl Lagerfeld

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Female Models:


Alexandra Elizabeth
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Sanchez
Aneta Pajak
Ashleigh Good
Avery Blanchard
Avery Tharp
Barbara Palvin
Binx Walton
Charlotte Free
Cris Herrmann
Emmy Rappe
Eva Berzina
Georgia Hilmer
Grace Mahary
Greta Varlese
Hollie-May Saker
Inga Dezhina
Jade de Lavareille
Ji Hye Park ©
Ji Young Kwak
Joséphine Le Tutour
Katya Ledneva
Kitty Hayes
Kremi Otashliyska
Lexi Boling
Louise Parker
Maartje Verhoef
Magda Laguinge
Melina Gesto
Michelle van Bijnen
Mina Cvetkovic
Molly Bair
Nadja Bender
Nadine Strittmatter
Natalie Westling
Ola Rudnicka
Pauline Hoarau
Sanne Vloet
Sasha Luss
Soo Joo Park (O)
Stella Lucia
Sung Hee
Taylor Hill
Valery Kaufman
Vanessa Moody


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