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Academy of Art University F/W 2015.16-NYC

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 Academy of Art University F/W 2015-NYC
22852769_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852770_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852773_8028256.jpg 22852777_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852782_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852783_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852785_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852811_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852812_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852824_562832.jpg 22852825_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852826_6993462.jpg 22852829_9020347.jpg 22852846_9959890.jpg 22852847_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852848_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852849_4353538.jpg 22852851_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852852_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852855_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852865_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852880_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852881_academyart-universitywinter-201 22852882_5446760.jpg





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Alena Podloznaya ©
Anja Leuenberger
Anna Herrera
Carly Moore
Charlotte Lindvig
Dani Witt
Daphne Velghe
Dorota Kullova
Georgia Hilmer
Grace Simmons
Iana Godnia
Jeanne Cadieu
Kelie Santos
Kia Low
Kid Plotnikova (O)
Lera Tribel
Marcele dal Cortivo
Nicole Abt
Nika Cole
Rachel Finninger
Scarlet Peña Quezada
Yudu Zeng


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