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Veronica Ferres

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Veronica Maria Cäcilia Ferres 


Birthday: 10 June 1965

Occupation: actress

Nationality: German


Notes: Gained fame as Pierre Richard's co-star in the French TV-movie Sans famille and as the horrible Mme. Thénardier in the 2000 French TV miniseries Les Misérables. She also starred in the Oscar-nominated German movie Schtonk (1992).


In 2007 she played with Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum in the international cinema production Adam Resurrected directed by Paul Schrader.



2007 "Hans-Rosenthal-Ehrenpreis" for her encouragement for her charity project "Power-Child"

2006 "Bavarian Merit Award" for her extraordinary achievements and dedication for Bavaria

2006 "Goldene Feder" Award, best actress

2005 Best Actress Award "Bambi" in Germany for her excellent career in movies, on television and on stage

2005 "DIVA - HALL OF FAME - German Award"

2004 "Bavarian TV Award" for "Anna’s Return", "Forever Lost" and "Stronger than Death"

2002 "Golden Grimme" Award for "The Manns"

2002 "Golden Camera" Award, best actress of feature film and TV movie in Germany

2002 "Bavarian TV" Award for "The Manns"

2002 "ROMY" Award, most popular actress in Austria

1999 Best Actress Award for "The Bride", 9th International Film-Festival, Pescara, Italy

1998 "Golden Camera" Award, best actress of feature film and TV movie in Germany for "Rossini"

1992 Best Actress Award "Bambi" in Germany for "Schtonk"



Veronica Ferres "23. Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in Hollywood 22.02.15


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